New Music Friday: Spring Break Edition

Beaches, resorts, safaris, or whatever you put your mind to. The options are endless! Ladies and gentlemen, spring break season is upon us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child going on your first vacation, or a college student ready to kick back and go crazy at the resort. Sunshine and happiness are upon us. However, what is a spring break without an iconic playlist? It wouldn’t be the same. The music might not stay the same while going crazy every day of spring break, but the mood will be set in place. The mood of feeling the energy and nonstop action is what kids all around the world shoot out to places like Florida, the Bahamas, or anywhere filled with warmth to start the rest of the year off right. Let’s dive into this week’s New Music Friday!

1. “Sour Patch Kids” by Bryce Vine

If there’s any song that will bring you that smile, it’s this one. No matter the setting for spring break, I bet that in one hand you will have a bag of sour patch kids and in the other, a coke can. The dopamine rush needed for a jam-packed spring break!

2. Time Of Our Lives by Pitbull & NE-YO

It’s inevitable that a classic party song like this one would end up here. A song that people can sing the words to, while also getting them rowdy for a night out.

3. “Pursuit of Happiness Remix” by Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi

Okay, this must be one of the most iconic party songs of all time. There is no other that gets people rowdier, and more excited that the pursuit of happiness. Much like this song, spring break will surely end the pursuit of happiness as it is soon to come!

4. “Losing Control” by Burak Bacio

The title should explain it all. This song feels like you are losing control. Whether it is from the crazy time you had during spring break or the balled-up excitement that’s delivered from the thought of a warm, beach, this one is a valuable addition.

5. “Lost Your Chance” by Hannah Gold

Maybe spring break for you is a getaway from some problems. If that’s the case, let’s leave those problems behind. A song that will have you dancing while embracing the comfort of the sun somewhere warm and far away.

6. “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift

For some people, a crazy spring break might sound like a wild dream. Let’s make those wild dreams come true though. Some people say that if you say something out loud enough, it will happen. Well, how about if you sing it out loud?

7. “Makin’ It by Steven Curtis

A little Steven Curtis to elevate your trip. We are makin’ it happen as you can say. Some boppy tunes for a trip that I can only hope is a bop as well.

8. “Good Days” by SZA

With one of her most popular songs comes Good Days. The title is how you feel while listening. It feels like a good day. Why not foreshadow how Spring Break will be with this fantastic song?

9. “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco

This is a song that is most likely on every single person’s spring break playlist. I feel as if no matter what setting you are in if you want to get excited and ready to rumble, “The Show Goes On” is a song that will bring all the positive emotions directly out of you.

10. “As Long As We’re Together” by Audio Jacked

Let’s be brutally honest here. You cannot do spring break without a solid crew of people around you. It’s just better together. The energy and power that a group holds together towers over the time someone could have by themselves.

11. “UCLA” by Rl Grime and 24 Hrs

Everyone better remember when this song came to fame. It was right around spring break! It was on every radio, every phone, in every club, and on every beach. Let’s continue the tradition and bring back out old friend.

12. “All Night Longer” by Sammy Adams

It’s almost as if this song is infused with pheromones because I cannot help but have a dopamine pump every time it comes on. No more explaining is necessary. Just pop it on, and let the good vibes settle in.

13. “Into You” by Max Wassen and Miller Miller

Some good old-fashioned dance pop mixed with rap. Two genres clash to create the perfect song to sing and dance to. Some of you might catch yourself saying, “I’m into you” during your spring break. If so, let it roll!

14. “Replay” by Iyaz

I’m sure this song will be on replay. I also bet you have noticed a common theme here. You might ask, why are there so many classics on here? The reason is, that they’re the ones that everyone remembers and can scream out loud while feeling amazing. Just like replay, this playlist will be on replay for the entire trip.

15. “All Time Low” by Jon Bellion

Don’t let the lyrics fool you because this song still makes me jump up and down reciting the lyrics in an orderly fashion. It’s one of his most popular songs for a reason!

16. “I’ll Be Alright” by Magnus Gunn

If you’re not all right, you will be soon! A little bit of a different feeling comes from this one. Well, I mean all the songs can’t be crazy party songs. What comes with this song is soothing vibes that’ll still make you feel good in any setting.

17. “Onederful” by Armani White

Most people know him by his newest hit, Billie Eilish, but not enough people know him by his old smash hit, Onederful. A song that is literally meant to make you feel better and conquer the day. Listen to it, and then come back here to thank me!

18. “Splash” by Ty James and unheard

This is another college anthem. Picture this. You are riding down to the beach in 90-degree weather with the roof off. Hair flying in the wind with sunglasses on and a smile across your face!

19. “Sour Grapes” by Maya Yenn

Personally, I strive to always eat the grape that is the sourest. It gives you a thrill, just like spring break. Anyways, this catchy song is sure to get you going during your time off!

20. “Knock Knock” by Mac Miller

I really do feel like a million bucks right now. Let’s end it feeling like a million bucks so we can take the energy into spring break, and out of spring break as well. R.I.P to the legendary Mac Miller as this song will continue to bring happiness to millions for generations to come!