The Official Riverdale Trailer Is Out Now

It’s about time the trailer dropped. Riverdale fans have been on edge, looking for any new update for new episodes of Riverdale. Well, it’s on it’s way.

Instagram is where you’ll find the trailer. It’s here, posted by the official Riverdale Instagram account (@thecwriverdale). For those who don’t know yet or haven’t been keeping up with the show recently, the show has been taking a break from the fifth season of the show. The break came in at about halfway through the season, leaving fans going crazy and a bunch of unanswered questions. However, by the looks of the trailer it seems like those questions will get answered and fans will finally be put at ease. 

So, a little background is in order. The timeline jumped five years into the future. So, the characters have all developed and are adults now facing complicated and dark adult problems. This trailer gives some insight into that. 

Some good news for the fans is that Bughead (played by Cole Sprouse) is seen in the trailer. This is good news because, in the teaser he wasn’t seen. This left fans worried about what happened to him. However, it seems like Bughead dealt with something dark. Really dark. Evidence to this was by his dialogue in the beginning of the trailer: “I vanished. Swallowed up by the dark.“ Last known, he was struggling with work and love as well as dealing with debt collectors.

Another thing noticed from the trailer was that Cheryl (played by Madelaine Petsch) and Penelope Blossom (played by Nathalie Bolt) have started a ministry. The fans aren’t sure if that is a good thing or bad considering her past. However, it might prove to be beneficial to some characters, especially those she likes and considers a friend. 

Also, it seems like things are moving with Betty’s (played by Lili Reinhart) sister Polly’s case. Polly was found to be alive and calling from a payphone. However, when Betty got there all she found was a destroyed payphone and Polly’s very rare blood type all over it. They haven’t found her body yet but, they have more or so concluded that if she isn’t dead then something really bad happened to her. 

So, things have been escalating because Betty is seen walking towards someone with a chainsaw. Also, right before Betty’s mom Alice tells her: “Why don’t you just kill him Betty. Kill that monster.” So, it seems like the murderer has been found.

Guess, the fans will just have to wait until August 11 to stream the next eleven episodes of the season. They can stream it all for free the next day of the premiere only on the CW!