Olivia Swindler will be taking over YEM’s Twitter!

Olivia Swindler is an author. She was raised in Spokane, Washington, but currently resides in Grenoble, France. Her debut novel came out in October of 2021, and is titled Cynthia Starts a Band. In February Olivia did an interview with YEM all about her book. YEM spoke to Olivia about many things, including what her writing process looks like, who inspired her characters, and her favorite scene in her book. It was a great interview that really let us learn more about Olivia and her book.

Cynthia Starts a Band is the first book that Olivia has written. It is a fiction book that tells the story of a young girl. The book follows Eleanor Quinn- America’s sweetheart who is determined to find herself again. It is a story of starting over and discovering who one is when the world isn’t looking. The novel explores love, friendship, and starting over along with discovering who one is when the world isn’t looking. Her book also deals with issues such as the heavy effects of emotional abuse and gaslighting.

On Thursday April 28th, Olivia will be taking over YEM’s twitter account for the day. There she will be answering many questions that many have for her. She will also be speaking about her book, Cynthia Starts a Band, and much more. Twitter takeovers are always a great time for everybody so make sure to head over to YEM’s Twitter to see Olivia take over the account and see all she has to share with everyone. Olivia’s book Cynthia Starts a Band is available to read, so make sure to purchase the book! Check out the interview Olivia did with YEM back in February below! Her interview is another fun way to learn more about Olivia as an author as well as who she is as a person.

YEM Author Interview: Olivia Swindler explains why it’s important to speak about and bring awareness to the heavy effects of emotional abuse and gaslighting