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Young Entertainment Mag found the social media platform, Discord about a year ago but it was only when they stumbled upon “JoshCord” aka Joshua Bassett’s Discord server where they really started learning about the fans and getting to know them in a more personal way. Today is “Spirit Day”, it’s the day we celebrate or lift people up because of who they are. Spirit Day is the world’s most visible anti-bullying movement inspiring LGBTQ youth. This year, on Thursday, October 19th, GLAAD will organize thousands of celebrities, influential voices, news & media outlets, tv & film studios, brands & corporations, landmarks, sports leagues, tech leaders, influencers, faith groups and so many more to go purple and support LGBTQ youth by creating clear possibility models for them to thrive and be represented in the world.

On September 22, Joshua Bassett released a new song, titled “Just Love.” As an active part of the Discord community affiliated with Joshua (also known as “Joshcord”), I was able to witness firsthand the fans’ reactions and responses to his song. The impact it had touched me deeply, and in response, I reached out to Young Entertainment Magazine to see if we could collaborate and put out some concrete responses to this incredible piece of art. Joshua, if you’re reading this: these are just a tiny sample of the lives and stories that you are impacting with your work and your message of love. Thank you for everything. Joshcord adores you so much!!! -Anna”

Question 1: How has Joshua Bassett impacted your life? 

I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was 15. That was the time I found out about this show called HSMTMTS, and immediately fell in love with Joshua. He’s the sweetest person ever and he helped me grow so much while I was going through my illness treatment. He made me believe in the good in people. -Elitha

Joshua has changed my life significantly…he has shown me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you CAN find peace. He’s also taught me to just love people and not hold grudges against anyone. -Sierra

I found Josh’s music when I was going through a point in my life when I just felt numb all of the time. His songs and the energy, love, and passion he gives helped me with this a lot. Also, the community I have found through Josh and his fans has helped me through a really lonely time in my life. I have made friends and I know I have a community to turn to, even when I feel like I have no one. -Chelsea 

Joshua Bassett has truly impacted me in a good way. He has shown me that there’s still celebrities with pure intentions. He shows love for everyone, even those who are not fans which encourages me to be a better young person myself. In 2021 I completely fell in love with his music, but he’s more than a singer to me. Josh is an incredible person with a passion. He is truly a light in this world and he deserves recognition. -Laykan

Joshua Bassett has changed my life by revealing that even in times of darkness, there will always be a beacon of light waiting. He has inspired me to dedicate my time to spreading love around me and extending my arm to those who need a hand to hold! In a world that can often feel cold and daunting, Josh’s wisdom has taught me that by sharing love, we can light the shadows in other’s hearts. Josh has reshaped my perspective on the world and inspired me to show others how to unconditionally love in the same way. -Leah

Josh has always been my greatest source of inspiration, but he has also shaped my mind towards kindness and courage. I remember his concert in London being really scary for me in the beginning but ultimately it was the best night of my life since I felt so safe watching him. I guess that in the end he made me a better person because he became my mentor and in a way, pushed me to be as kind and as thoughtful as he is. -Andrew 

Question 2: How has Joshua Bassett’s song “Just Love” impacted your life? What does it mean to you?

The song is a pure masterpiece, lyrically and produced. It makes chills run through my body every time I listen. It’s been on repeat since it came out. It makes me believe that we can offer love to the ones who need it the most, the ones who can’t see the light of life. Even with all my problems I know that I can’t give up and I’ll always have something to hold on to in my life and heart. It means that I will always have a light in the darkness. I love how Josh writes – his songs feel like a hug. -Elitha

“Just Love” changed my life because it showed me that there is always something that someone is going through. People just need someone to love them, and to tell them that everything will be okay, and that you will heal! It just takes some time. -Sierra

“Just Love” happened to come out on one of the worst days of my life. I went through a big set back and I was feeling lost and that I had failed at life. I was in a very dark place. “Just Love” and especially the music video gave me something to hold on to. It’s amazing what art can do to help in these situations. I am so proud of Josh, and thankful to him for creating and putting out such an impactful and beautiful piece of art. I don’t think he realizes the amazing impact that it has on people. -Chelsea

Joshua Bassett’s new song “Just Love” has changed my life by revealing that at the core of our unique struggles, we all share the same fundamental need – Love. Whether someone is grappling with addiction, anxiety, depression, or any other challenge, the premise of these struggles is a lack of feeling loved by those around us. “Just Love” has sparked my belief that through love itself, obstacles can be overcome and hearts can be healed. In the hopeful words of Josh, ‘It ends with us. It ends with love.” -Leah

“Just Love” is an incredible song that gives an impacting message. To me it means to just always show love. The song tells me that love is our most powerful weapon. When we start to use it, we can do more than imagined. -Kiwi

His new song “Just Love” has made me grow as a Christian, and now I feel the need to make more impact in the world and do good things, and be kinder and more generous with people. “Just Love” means a lot to me because, as I said before, I relate to some parts of it and it also inspires me a lot, and I’m so grateful for Josh and this song. -Sofia

Listening to Just Love made me realize that I’m not alone. I’ve always thought that no one understood me at all, but this song has impacted me so much! I’ve never felt more seen in my life if I’m being honest. This song means the world to me because of the message at the end of the music video, calling all of us to love! It made me realize how much of an impact we can have on people’s lives, even my own life. This song has made me feel seen, and I’m so grateful. -Ela

Question 3: What was it like for you listening to Joshua Bassett’s new song, “Just Love”?

I got chills. The melody was simply perfect, I love all of his songs but I’m pretty sure this one became my favorite instantly. -Elitha

Man, that song was the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard! I think it’s his best song yet. -Sierra

I was alone, in my bedroom and I was feeling pretty hopeless. As soon as I pressed play tears sprung to my eyes. It was just what I needed at the time. I won’t lie, I sobbed. But it was such an important moment for me. I’ve been wanting to go back to church for a good while now. But I felt like I don’t know how, and that I don’t want to get into a church and then find out they have certain views that I don’t support. I feel this has given me a little push to try again. It also means so much to me because I know how much it means to him. He has been through so much. And he has persevered and shown such strength while doing so. He is never scared to show his true self and to be vulnerable. I think it’s so important to show that it’s okay to be vulnerable. -Chelsea

When listening to Joshua Bassett’s new song “Just Love,” it renewed me with a sense of hope for the future. In a world where the news often highlights problems and the rise of hatred around us, we sometimes get caught up in the concept that money is our only solution to our issues. But love is all we really need, right? The power of loving one another is often underestimated, and listening to the new single was a powerful reminder of what’s possible if “we just love!” “Just Love” is a perfect representation of the life I aspire to lead and the legacy I hope to leave behind. The song serves as a reminder that even in a world of darkness, we all have the ability to bring light and love into the lives of others. I’m a firm believer that tomorrow is never a guarantee, and “Just Love” perfectly embodies what I want to create with the time I have! -Leah

When I was listening to Josh’s new song I really felt the emotion that was coming off of it. I felt the love that he was trying to portray. It was like finally being able to hear what I’ve been trying to say in my head. Finally understanding how I’ve always felt. -Kiwi

To say the least, my eyes did not stay dry after hearing this song. Reflecting on it right now, I think it made me understand myself from different perspectives, both religiously and emotionally. I found the message of the song to be so profound and it showed something I was too afraid to recognise in myself. I think I understand my emotions better because of the lyrics that I so deeply relate to. -Andrew

It was a sad and beautiful moment because I felt instantly how beautiful and meaningful this song is. The song also hit me hard personally maybe because I could kind of hear my own story in the lyrics and that’s probably what hit me right in that moment. -Femke

Listening to “Just Love” had me in tears the first time. Never did I think that a song would make me realize how everything should start and end with love. -Ela 

Question 4: How do you feel after watching Joshua Bassett’s music video for his new song, “Just Love”?

Amazed. Inspired. Josh is an excellent director and everything made so much sense in the music video. I love the way he conveys his emotions through art and how easy it is to us feel that. -Elitha

There were certain parts of the song and the music video that really resonated with me. It was hard to watch, but also therapeutic to watch, as I didn’t feel so alone. I struggle with depression and it’s hard to keep my head above water sometimes. I was struggling when I watched the video. I feel a little stronger now. I feel more of a motivation to start swimming. Things can get really hard sometimes and it is tempting to just give in and sink down. But it’s so important to put things into perspective, and realize that although things seem tough right now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to keep going and I’ll get there. All in due time. -Chelsea 

The first thing I did when I woke up was play “Just Love” because I fell asleep before midnight. When the song was over it made me reflect on our world. Just Love, to me, is a powerful song that talks about how love would change everything. It makes me feel like our world is still worth fighting for. I’ve been playing it on repeat as encouragement to be kinder to every person I see. I listened to it with my mom and we both got teary eyed. I have personally seen and experienced some very unkind things and this song makes me change my point of view of those situations. Everyone needs to hear the message of this song. It goes much deeper than just a simple song about spreading love, it’s an anthem to implement in our daily lives. -Laykan

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Watching Joshua Bassett’s new music video for “Just Love” was a source of inspiration and hope for me as an artist! I deeply admire the fact that Josh did not only perform in the video, but he also wrote, edited, and directed the video! This deeply resonates with me as I, too, have many passions in various creative fields. We are told as teens to choose a single career to pursue, but this perspective of society is extremely limiting. Josh’s work on this music video was an impactful reminder that I don’t have to limit myself to one thing. There are endless opportunities out there for me as an artist, and I can utilize my diverse passions to spread love in numerous ways! -Leah

I feel like the music video really opened my eyes to see how love can impact others. how a single act of kindness can spread and conquer. It showed how togetherness and kindness can help you get through anything. -Kiwi

The music video made me really emotional and I think that the reason for that is because I recognised myself in the people portrayed. I felt seen, understood and also aware of my emotional and mental state. -Andrew

Once again, tears. The first time I watched the music video, the message at the end made me cry even more than I was. “It ends with us. It ends with love,” is what has gotten me to realize how much we can impact people in a good way! -Ela

Question 5: Is there anything that you want to say to Joshua? 

Joshua Taylor Bassett, you changed my life. You made me a better person, a good person. You will always be my piece of sun when things get hard. I love you and I want you to know that you will NEVER, EVER be alone. Thank you for everything! With love, Elitha.

Thank you Josh, for saving me. Chelsea xx

I’m so extremely proud of you Josh. You’ve been through so much yet you’re still the sweetest and funniest human ever. Your speeches have gotten me through so much pain. Even if people think it’s weird how much I love you, I could care less because you saved my life. You always make me smile and laugh even when I’ve had the worst day ever. You deserve all the love in the world. The relationship you have with your fans is something all celebrities should strive to have. You’re such a positive light that this world needs desperately. I don’t know if you know how many lives you have saved just by being you. When I went to your concert in Nashville you made me ugly sob because it was such a beautiful moment. Never forget how much the world needs you. I love you endlessly Joshua Taylor Bassett! Love, Laykan

Joshua– I’ll forever cherish the moment before “All In Due Time” at the Complicated tour, hearing you say, ‘I’m living proof.’ Fast forward seven months, I can now genuinely say, ‘I am living proof too. You showed me light when finding hope from every other source failed. Even when it felt like everything I’d ever known had crumbled, you showed me that, in due time, these feelings would pass. I can now assure you that those words were true Josh- things improved immensely, it was all only a matter of time. I now strive to tell my story because these tears did turn into something- not only have they shaped me into the person I am today, they have become the canvas of what I am capable of creating. Words will never be enough to express my gratitude for the transformation and light you’ve brought into my life. So to the loveliest person on earth, MWAH! -Leah

I would like to tell Josh thank you. I would like to thank him for this new song because the message that was shown was a big one. I want to tell him that I think his song will be a big part of someone’s life and maybe even change it. -Kiwi

If there is anything that I’d wish to tell Joshua Bassett, is that I am really proud of the person he is and of the things he has done. I’d tell him that he made me feel seen and understood through each and every single one of his songs. I would also like to tell him that he made me see the light I once considered lost. -Andrew

I just want to thank you for the music you make. I can relate to some things and it makes me feel a bit better when I know I’m not the only one going through that stuff. I hope you know that you save many lives out there and maybe even without knowing it! So thank you and keep it going! X -Femke

Hi Josh!!! I met you in Paris and I’m really looking forward to your next tour, when you come to Europe! I love you so much and I’m so grateful for having you in my life! -Sofia

Thank you for everything! You have saved my life. Your songs make me feel so seen and heard. I don’t know how I would’ve made it in 2022 without your songs. “Just Love” made 5-10 year old me feel seen and it’s all thanks to you! I look up to you so much and once again thank you! :)) -Ela

While GLAAD research shows that LGBTQ acceptance is at an all-time high, so too is anti-LGBTQ discrimination and bullying. As online hate continues to foment real-world harm, coupled with the anti-LGBTQ climate of our day — from book bans to bans on drag, bans on LGBTQ history and bans on healthcare — America’s youth is particularly at-risk and has never needed our support more than right now. #SpiritDay gives LGBTQ youth, their parents and allies an opportunity to see what’s possible when we lead with acceptance.

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