The New Murder-Mystery Series: Only Murders In The Building

Who doesn’t like true crime? Just don’t go around getting wrapped up in an actual one like these three. 

As can be seen from the pic above, these three aren’t new faces. They are no other than the stunning Selena Gomez, the ever so hilarious Steve Martin, and the oddly-funny Martin Short.

They have been grouped together to act in the upcoming comedic murder-mystery, “Only Murders In The Building”. Well with these three, there’s no doubt that the audience will be doubling over in laughter. 

The trio will also be executive producing the series as well as Jamie Babbitt, Dan Folegman (“This Is Us” creator), John Hoffman (producer of “Grace & Frankie”), and Jess Rosenthal. So, there’s great talent both in front of and behind the camera. Also, there’s chemistry between two out of three of the trio. This isn’t the first time Martin and Steve acted side by side. They acted in Father of The Bride and Steve Martin and Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget For The Rest Of Your Life. So, the two have been longtime friends and great comedians. So, where there’s great chemistry there’s great acting!

The show revolves around these three’s obsession with true crime. One day, they have a chance to show off what they’ve learned when death starts to occur inside their exclusive Upper West Side apartment building. They try to solve the crime and investigate the truth all the while recording themselves on a podcast to document the case. They really are putting their true crime knowledge to good use!

However, the more they investigate, the more they unravel dark and old secrets of the complex. Also, these three aren’t being honest with one another. Each one has a lie they are trying to sell. The worst part of it all is, the killer might be living amongst them. Spooky!

The trio needs to hurry and solve this crime before the killer catches on to them. Their lives might depend on it! This comedic mystery series Only Murders In The Building, can be streamed on Hulu starting from August 31st!