Outer Banks Season 2 Is Almost Here

Things are getting crazy in the new season of Outer Banks as John B and Kia head to the Bahamas! Everyone is in hot water and on the search for treasure!

So, a run down of the show’s first season is in order. Three teenage friends, John B (played by Chae Stokes), Kiara (played by Madison Bailey), and JJ (played by Rudy Pankow) go on a hunt to search for treasure that led to the disappearance of the group’s ringleader, John B. They go on the craziest and rockiest adventure of their lives revealing secrets and answers to where John B’s could possibly be as well as looking for the treasure. 

From the trailer, there seems like there is more mystery, stakes, and romance. John B and Sarah (played by Madelyn Cline) seem to be getting closer. However, Sarah’s father is right behind them, tracking them down, who are also looking for the treasure. There’s also the problem of John B’s police chase down. He is being falesy accused for a murder he didnt commint. Now, this makes him a fugitive in a foreign country. As if, he didn’t have enough problems. 

In addition, it looks like the Pogues are helping them to uncover the treasure. This was obvious from the start since the description under the trailer video on Netflix’s YouTube account states: “The treasure belongs to the pogues”. So, maybe they will finally find the treasure but, hopefully before everyone else. 

It looks like everyone is back for season two. In the trailer all the same actors from season one were seen. For example, Kie, JJ, Pope (played by Jonathan Daviss), and Topper(played by Jonathan Daviss). Great, the whole cast is here and on board for the new season 2!

You gotta check out the trailer here before it drops on Netflix on the 30th!