Peyton Perrine III shares with YEM what it is like working with his parents on Funny Married Stuff

Peyton Perrine III is a young actor. He can be seen in the web series in Funny Married Stuff, Netflix series Colin in Black & White, and the Nick show That Girl Lay Lay. In Funny Married Stuff he can be seen working with his parents, and portrays the character of Marky in That Girl Lay Lay. YEM was able to speak with Peyton about what working with his parents was like. He also speaks about what it is like working on Nick, and what some of his challenges are.

Young Entertainment Mag: You definitely do a lot between working on a web series in Funny Married Stuff, Netflix series Colin in Black & White, and the upcoming Nick show That Girl Lay Lay, what do you like about working on so many different stories?

Peyton Perrine: Working on these projects has been an amazing experience. They are all telling different stories. It is helping me learn about different types of acting and what types of stories I like to tell. I am learning so much.

YEM: On Funny Married Stuff you work with your actual parents, what’s that like?

Peyton: It was cool to work with my parents but it wasn’t such a big deal to me because it was just us having fun around the house.

YEM: Do you really feel like your parents are themselves on the show or is it different?

Peyton: No, they were definitely themselves, my dad was learning to act and the first thing my mom told him was be you. My mom has been acting for years now and she is a very seasoned actor.

YEM: Colin in Black and White is about a pretty serious subject, what is it like working on something that has such a realistic script?

Peyton: It was pretty cool to work on a script about a black man who stood up for what he felt was right. Everyone was extremely nice and we definitely bonded.

YEM: Have you gotten to know Colin Kaepernick from working on his life story?

Peyton: I had a chance to meet him once during our virtual table read. My parents explained to me what he did and why his project was being made.

YEM: In That Girl Lay Lay your character is always trying to pitch new businesses, and talk about new ideas for money, have you taken that home with you? Do you have any ideas for a business?

Peyton: No not yet but hopefully in the near future.

YEM: Since it’s a Nick show, we have to ask, did you have to get slimed?

Peyton: Yes it’s a Nick show but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out if I got slimed

YEM: What do you like more, comedy or drama?

Peyton: Comedy because it makes me happy and also helps people laugh. I like expressing my bursting personality.

YEM: That Girl Lay Lay is about a girl that wishes a best friend into her life, how did you prepare for the role?

Peyton: My mom was my coach helping me to understand what my intentions should be for each scene. I put in a lot of work studying. It wasn’t easy.😁

YEM: If you could travel anywhere to film a scene, where would it be?

Peyton: Tokyo,Japan. I am a huge video game fan and some of my favorite game companies are in Japan.

YEM: What was most challenging for you and how did you overcome it?

Peyton: Projecting my voice and keeping my energy up even when I was tired were the most challenging things for me. I had never been on a sound stage prior to working on That Girl Lay Lay. But everyone was so helpful. My parents, the cast/crew and especially my on set acting coach all helped me to get comfortable and better each and every day.

YEM: Working with your parents, what’s one thing you were able to learn from them in their acting?

Peyton: My mom taught me everything I know. She has been my coach in this entire process. My dad has always told me that with hard work and effort, anything is possible.

Check out the trailer for That Girl Lay Lay below!