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With ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween gearing up next week, we can hardly stand the anticipAtion for Pretty Little Liars‘ special fan appreciation episode, “We Love You To DeAth.” The episode will feature clips of the show’s “most unforgettable” moments, and will include a Q&A with the cast comprised of questions submitted by fans via social networks. In honor of this special episode, we are highlighting our favorite creepy moments from the series, liar by liar.

Hanna’s Creepiest Moment
Hanna's Creepiest Moment

During the Season 2 finale, “unmAsked,” Hanna takes a Psycho-esque shower at the creepy Lost Woods resort, with a freaky silhouette of A lurking in the background.

Emily’s Creepiest Moment
Emily's Creepiest Moment

Emily is not sure what to make of Toby when he first returns, but agrees to go with him to Homecoming anyway (“There’s No Place Like Homecoming”). Toby gets defensive when Emily asks about his tattoo, which sends Emily into a panic and Toby chasing after her.

Aria’s Creepiest Moment
Aria's Creepiest Moment

During the famous train ride on Season 3’s Halloween episode (“This is a Dark Ride”), Aria is drugged by A, bound, gagged, and imprisoned in a crate with Garrett’s dead body. Anyone who experiences claustrophobia will remember this moment and shudder.

Spencer’s Creepiest Moment
Spencer's Creepiest Moment

The electrifying Season 1 finale featured another Hitchcock moment when Ian chased Spencer up the church tower a la Vertigo. This is the kind of pulse-pounding terror that has always kept us coming back for more.

Don’t miss the Pretty Little Liars fan appreciation episode, “We Love You To DeAth,” which airs on Tuesday, October 21 at 8:00 on ABC Family.

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