Poll: Which member of the Stitchers Team has the best job?


ABC Family’s Stitchers is a scifi series following The Stitchers Team, as they ‘stitch’ into the recently deceased in order to solve the mysteries around their death. The team is comprised of four main characters Kirsten Clark, Cameron Goodkin, Linus Ahluwalia, and Camille Engelson. They all play supportive roles in the program, but who has your favorite? 

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Kirsten Clark is the core to the Stitchers Team. She’s the one who gets “stitched” into the minds of the recently dead. Kirsten is highly intelligent and emotionally distant which is key to her stitching success. She uses clues from her experiences to solve the mysteries surrounding victim’s death. Is her job your favorite?

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Cameron Goodkin played by Kyle Harris is a brilliant neuroscientist who is dedicated whose passion for the program is evident in his work. He leads the team and communicates with Kirsten when she’s in a stitch. He’s quick witted and adaptable, with a protective instinct important to the fearless Kirsten. He’s the one that moves her through a person’s memory and monitors her whereabouts. Does his quaffed hair do it for you?

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The Stitchers team would be very different without Linus Ahluwalia played by Ritesh Rajan. Linus is responsible for much more than saying “We’re a go,” before a stitch. He’s officially a bioelectrical engineer and communications technician for the agency. He’s been monitoring stitches since the beginning with Cameron. Is his socially awkward sense of humor your favorite?

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Camille Engelson played by Allison Scagliotti rounds out the Stitchers Team. She’s a computer science grad student who was initially recruited to go under cover within the program to monitor and report on Kristen’s behavior. With that out in the open, now she’s an official member of the team. Her job is to use her intelligence, versatility and wit to solve problems and keep the team on their toes. Is she your favorite?

What do you think?

Which member of the main stitchers team members has the best job?

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