Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin | YEM Exclusive Interview with Sara Shepard

If you’re a fan of the Pretty Little Liars series, you’ll want to tune into this exclusive YEM interview! We got the chance to sit down with Sara Shepard, the author of the PLL book series, which started off the phenomenon that captivated the world. Now, with the upcoming release of the new series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, it was so great to get back to the source and hear about some of Sara’s influences when first writing the series and the place she had in the TV show. 

Sara talks about how she took some influence from the greatest mystery and thriller novels and combined it with important elements of life in the 21st century, like the dawn of cell phones and fears about cyber-stalking, to create the iconic series. Sara also mentions how PLL was the first major series she wrote and gives us a little insight into what it was like coming up with the original and authentic storylines and characters. We also talked a little bit about where Sara sees the “core four” group of Liars, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hannah, in the current times. Luckily, we don’t have to wonder too much about it, because Sara released an Audible original titled The Liars, which follows up with the girls after a few years; you definitely won’t want to miss out on it!

If you’re a fan of the PLL book and TV series, you’ll definitely want to be sure to tune in to this interview and hear all about what Sara says about the new release of Original Sin and her new audiobook, The Liars! Be sure to catch up with the new “core five,” Imogen, Noa, Faran, Minnie, and Tabby, when Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin starts streaming July 28th on HBO Max. Want more PLL? Don’t forget to keep up with YEM’s exclusive upcoming content about the show and characters when episodes release!