Radio Disney star Samantha Laporta discusses her new single

Samantha Laporta is no stranger to the music scene. Her songs have been heard on Radio Disney, and were even used on the MLB network. Now, Samatha is touring and sharing her newest song “Don’t Say Forever” with listeners. YEM spoke with Samantha about her music, her newest singe, and her upcoming projects!

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you first get involved in music?

Samantha Laporta: Most people don’t know this. When I was 10 and about to go to a new school, I wanted to start singing lessons but before that happened the instructor said, “Hey, would you sing the National Anthem at the high school?” I thought it was a Back to School – start of the football season get together, but it turned out to be one of the biggest events in my town. When I got to the field every seat was taken in the bleachers, every football team from little kids to HS Varsity and all the cheerleading squads were on the field. I heard them announce me over the PA system and my knees actually started shaking! I grabbed my moms hand and said, “ you’re coming with me” and went out and I sang for the very 1st time.

YEM: How would you describe your sound?

Samantha: My sound is pop R&B, the catchy beat you hear on radio, blended with vocals that sound more soulful. It’s super fun to add in runs and all the layers and harmonies when I’m recording.

YEM: How did you find your sound?

Samantha: I think my sound found me. I listen to many different styles of music and sing along to see what feels right and then I’ll break down the song and play it on my guitar and change it up to make it feel like it’s my own.

Photo Credit: Matthew Raney Photography

YEM: Our readers have heard your music on Radio Disney. Did you listen to Radio Disney growing up?

Samantha: I was recently on the radio with Morgan at RD and we were joking about how my nick name is “The Disney Girl.” I love everything Disney and always dreamed of being a Disney artist. Growing up, I listened to the radio, watched the TV shows and even imitated making the Mickey ears with the wand. I still want to do that! LOL

YEM: Did you have a favorite Radio Disney artist?

Samantha: Oh yes, Britney Spears. She received the ICON award at the RDMAs (Radio Disney Music Awards) in 2017. That was my 1st red carpet and it was super exciting to see her!

YEM: Tell us about your new song “Don’t Say Forever.”

Samatha: My Dad is from Central America so I grew up listening to Latin Music. For this one, I really wanted to write a song with that feel. While in the studio writing another song, the producers and I started talking about relationships and how many of my friends were graduating and going off to college. It was an emotional time for me as, for the first time, I could see the changes they were happening and how once solid relationships would soon be growing apart. That’s what “Don’t Say Forever” is about: the promises we make as kids but can’t keep because lives inevitably change as we grow older.

YEM: Will you release a music video for “Don’t Say Forever” soon?

Samantha: I really wanted to but my schedule lately has been kinda crazy. Just in the last few weeks, I’ve performed Miami, New Jersey and Nashville. Performing shows while also in high school doesn’t leave me much time. Instead, I did a crazy photo shoot that had swings inside the building and we made a fun lyric video from the photos that you can see on Youtube. I’ve also been posting pics from the shows and all the fun people I’ve been meeting on my Instagram!

Photo Credit: Matthew Raney Photography

YEM: What’s next for you? Will you be touring or releasing more music soon?

Samantha: I’m releasing some new music in early 2019. I’ve been writing a lot and these latest recordings makes me want to jump up and dance! They’re so fun. I can’t wait to share. I’m also crazy about Christmas so I’m looking forward to a festive season with my family and friends.

YEM: Finally, if you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
Samantha: Right now, I’m listening to a lot of Bazzi. He’s got that cool chill vibe. I would really love to collab with him. Santa, if you’re reading this, how about making that wish come true?