Reginae Carter Interview

Reginae Carter is the very young, very talented, daughter of Lil Wayne, and a new signee to the Young Money record label. We loved her track “Mind Goin Crazy” so we decided to find out about her forthcoming tour, and how it feels to have Nicki Minaj as a big sister figure. Check out the interview below:

reginae-carter-hairfinityYA Mag: Do you write your own music?  If so, what or who inspires you to write?

Reginae Carter: I collaborate with a variety of artists and producers to come up with the right sound and style for myself. So I am definitely involved with my songs, style, and choreographer.

YA: Describe a typical day in the life of Reginae Carter.

RC: A typical day in the life of Reginae Carter would be Education first. Education is important to not only to myself but with my family as well. Homework has to be completed first then I have studio time, rehearsal, appearances etc. In that order lol J

YA: You did a stint as a reality TV star on “TOYA: A Family Affair” along with your mom in 2011. Did you enjoy it? Were there ever days when the camera crew turned up and you were in your pajamas and just thought ‘I’m over this’?!

RC: Yes, I absolutely enjoyed working along with my mother. However, there was a time when I was sleeping and just really woke up and I went outside of my room and the entire camera crew was right outside my door and I was like ok I guess it’s time to get the day started.

Your fans are fondly known as Reginators.  Where did that term come from?!  Sounds serious.

RC: The name is actually really interesting because I was doing an Web Cam Video and I wasn’t really sure what to call my fans and the name just came to me and my fans absolutely love the name…They are my Reginators.

You were recently announced as a Young Money artist.  Is there anyone on the label that you are especially looking forward to collaborating with?

RC: Yes, I was just announced as a Young Money artist which I worked extremely hard to become a part of. I am really looking forward to working with Nicki Minaj I believe that collaboration would be amazing with her lyrical style and my style. I believe that could be something new for all of our fans world-wide.

Also relating to Young Money … is there anybody currently on the label that you have a crush on?  I call dibs on Drake.  

RC: To answer your question Young Money is my family… I look at all of them like my brothers and sisters. Lol

YA: Most people who know you as an artist are aware that your dad is Lil Wayne.  What’s the best lesson he’s taught you so far?

RC: My father is a wise man. He always tells me to get my education first because it’s very important in life to know your environment and he also says do what you want to do in this world no matter if you are male or female. The World is Yours!!

YA: Your video “Mind Goin Crazy” was sponsored by HAIRFINITY … how did that partnership come about?  Does your dad use it on his locks too?  You both look like you have very healthy hair.

RC: I have actually watched my mother used HairFinity for a few years and her hair looks so healthy and strong so I wanted the same look, so for that reason I started to use this amazing product and now my mother and I have lovely strong hair. My father does not use Hairfinity.

When is your album coming, and what can we expect?

RC: I am in the studio right now working really hard on my EP which will be released at the end of the year. As for my album this is a steady and working progress. The EP is important first because this will show my whole team what we need to create for my album to be a success!

YA: You are stuck on a raft and there’s only room for two people.  Who would you pull up from the water, Rihanna or Chris Brown, and why?

RC: Well, I would just have to make room for both because I adore both of them.

Where and when can our readers check you out live?

RC: My readers and fans can catch me on 106 and Park, Web Videos, On FUSETV, music Matters and I am also preparing for our new tour called Young & Ready which I am headlining. The tour will consist of myself, D2K and Maeta. This is our first tour this will be great for all of our fans. . Don’t forget to check out my site

YA: Which five songs are playing on your iPod right now?

RC: The five songs that are currently playing on my iPod is:

Don’t tell ‘em – Jeremih ft YG

No Flex Zone – Nicki Minaj

Shmurda “Hot” – Bobby

Stay With Me – Sam Smith

By My Dad – Krazy