Remembering Cameron Boyce

Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce passed away this weekend at the age of 20. Fans around the world have been taking to social media to pay tribute to the young actor, singer, and dancer. And so many of his Disney co-stars have dedicated posts in his honor.

At such a young age, Cameron already had an impressive career and a loyal fan following. As we say goodbye to Cameron, let’s take a look at his most popular roles that have touched so many people’s hearts.

Luke Ross on Jessie

Luke is the second oldest of the Ross children. He is flirty and from the moment we meet him, he’s making moves on Jessie. Luke is very mischievous and at times irresponsible, as he loves to make trouble. But he’s a lovable troublemaker for sure.

Cameron was well-loved by his fellow cast mates. In fact, Cameron lived with Karan Brar, who played his adopted brother, Ravi.

Carlos in Descendants

Cameron played villain kid Carlos, the son of Cruella De Vil. Leaving The Isle of the Lost for the first time, Carlos was used to his villainous upbringing that Cruella bestowed on him. The biggest factor? Cruella convinced Carlos that dogs were evil and dangerous. But when he arrived at Auradon Prep, Duke the dog soon became Carlos’ best friend.

In Descendants 2, Carlos’ was feeling the love as he took a liking to Jane, the Fairy Godmother’s daughter. At first he was shy, but Carlos eventually told Jane how he feels and asked her out. She happily accepted, and the two became Auradon’s cutest new couple.

Cameron will star in Descendants 3 as Carlos, which premieres on Disney Channel next month.

Keithie Feder in Grownups

Keithie is one of three children, and his dad is played by none other than Adam Sandler. When we meet Keithie in the first Grownups movie, he is used to living the lap of luxury in his California mansion.

After Cameron’s passing, Adam Sandler posted a sweet tribute to the young star.