Return to the Beach with Season 3 of Outer Banks

Outer banks Season 3 is coming! Even though it has been close to a year since the second season of Netflix’s hit series Outer Banks, there’s nevertheless lots to know about the upcoming third season, which fans have been clamoring for ever since the cast officially announced its being greenlit soon after season two had dropped on the streaming platform. Here is everything we know about this next stage in the journey of John B, Sarah Cameron, and the Pogs.

Here’s what we know about Outer Banks Season 3

In April, photos were posted on Instagram, including the one below, announcing the start of production for season three. 

outer banks season 3 cast

The cast of the show also made their own collective announcement via a video they posted on Twitter, to stoke even more excitement and anticipation amongst their widespread fanbase. Fans weren’t shy about sharing their excitement for Outer Banks Season 3.

outer banks season 3 announcement

Though there’s been no definitive date announced for when this third season will drop, we know that it will pick up after John B, Sarah and the gang escaped to an island they called Poguelandia, after narrowly escaping death at the hands of Sarah’s father. The treacherous dad also made off with the treasure the Pogues were trying to keep out of the wrong hands.

outer banks season 3 main characters

outer banks season 3 female actress

Regarding the cast of Outer Banks Season 3, returning actors include Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Austin North, Charles Esten, Drew Starkey, and Carlacia Grant, who became a series regular after his introduction in the previous season as Cleo, who had met Sarah and John B on the ship they took to Nassau, and helped them escape from murderous cops who were after the gold stashed on the ship. She eventually became an official member of the Pogues after ending up stranded on an island with them.

outer banks season three cast

Lastly, in terms of plot, no definitive details have been disclosed about that either, so the only conclusion we can draw, based on the finale of season two, is that season 3 of Outer Banks will primarily take place on the island where the Pogues eventually found themselves.