Rise Vs. Glee: A Comparison

“Rise” is the newest show from NBC, and it’s already making a big splash with fans. The show follows a group of high schoolers from all walks of life who are putting on a school musical. Their teacher, Mr. Mazzuchelli, doesn’t want to make just another ordinary musical production. He wants to turn this musical into something special, something the town has never seen before.

This show may sound a bit familiar…fans might have realized a lot of similarities to another musical show: Glee! YEM is taking a closer look at the characters of both shows and what makes both of them such a treat for viewers.

The Determined Teacher

Glee’s Will Schuester

Rise’s Lou Mazzuchelli

Both of these men dream of what their profession could create, rather than focus on the less-than-fabulous job they’re doing at the moment. Both Mr. Shu and Mr. M are teaching uncaring students in a small town. They both even drive a similar car! When the theater departments in their schools are in need of an advisor, both jump at the chance. They both have quick conversations with the school principals, who reluctantly agree to let the teachers take over. They’re both pretty sneaky too, as they both find a way to trick the star of the school’s football team to join their musical endeavors!

The Unpopular Female Lead

Glee’s Rachel Berry

Rise’s Lillette Suarez

Both leading ladies aren’t the most popular girl in school. But they both have an incredible gift for singing. In Rise, Lillette is a bit more shy and needs some encouragement before she takes on the leading role. On Glee, Rachel Berry is all confidence and is well aware of her big talent.

The Football Star Turned Musical Man 

Glee’s Finn Hudson

Rise’s Robbie Thorne

While Glee’s Finn begins without any musical experience, Rise’s Robbie is a rapper! But showtunes are a new venture for both boys. And both develop insane chemistry with the musical’s female lead. The best thing about these main men? They both have the sweetest relationships with their mothers! *swoon*

So if you were a fan of Glee- you’re sure to love Rise! Rise is now airing on NBC, Tuesdays at 9!

(All Rise images belong to NBCUniversal. All Glee images belong to 20th Century Fox)