Rising in Sync: The Similarities Between Rise and Rising

 High School Musical: The Musical- The Series has many catchy tunes. It’s the new Glee, and that’s no coincidence. Recently, ‘Rising’, from the HSMTMTS soundtrack, was released, and it bears some striking resemblance to the song ‘Rise’ from the latter show. Here’s how the songs are similar.  

1. Both are about being young and ambitious, and following that ambition even when you feel scared 

What unites these songs the most is their central theme about being young, and following your ambition even when it scares you. ‘Rising’ sung about how “And what am I when what I am is wild and louder than I ever dared believe?/I’m so done hiding in the shadows/And I’m so over being scared of me”. Meanwhile, ‘Rise’ asked, “Have you felt so weak/You could hardly stand/Like if you ever fell/You could never tell/If you’d ever get back up again/I know it’s hard to do/But I think you can make it’. It’s a striking and inspiring parallel. 

2. Both speak heavily about the concept of identity 

Being young also means discovering your identity, and what you want in life. ‘Rising’ states that “The stars are all new (the stars are all new)/I’m charting a path (I’m charting a path)/Cause I know what I know (cause I know what I know)/And there’s no goin’ back”. ‘Rise’ is similarly optimistic about figuring that out, declaring that “We are young/We are the dreamers/(We must) We will fly/When the world will not believe us (Woah oh oh!)”. Both touch on the foremost ingredient to achieving your dreams: determination. 

3. Both are about overcoming obstacles on the path to your dreams 

Possibly the most important aspect of following your dreams is learning how to overcome obstacles, which these songs embrace beautifully. ‘Rising’ talks about how “I’ve been searching, I’ve been learning (Rise, rise)/And finding that this too could change with time/And that’s alright”. “Rise’ firmly states, “We will rise above the ashes/Before this life passes us by”. They’re both amazing lyrics about how challenges build character. 

4. Both talk about how “I/We will rise” to hammer home their message 

In addition to their thematic similarities, both songs make statements about ‘rising up’ to hammer home their message. ‘Rising’ has the lyric about rising above the ashes, where ‘Rise’ sings that “It’s time I’m rising, rising/There’s a part of me reaching for the light/So strong, impossible to hide this fire that’s rising, rising”. This can give you the confidence to keep dreaming when your dreams seem unachievable. 

5. Both are about learning from your setbacks, and not taking the easy way out 

Undoubtedly, what fuels us to achieve the unattainable is learning from our setbacks. These songs understand this acutely, with ‘Rise’ musing that “To the challenge, to the surface (Rising, rising)/To the moment, to the calling (Rising, rising)/I’ve been searching, I’ve been learning (Rising, rising)”. Meanwhile, ‘Rise’ simply vows that “We will rise/We will rise!”. Sometimes the simplest messages are the most powerful.  

If you’re interested in listening to either of these songs, here are links to the music videos below! 

‘Rising’ by Julia Lester: Julia Lester – Rising (HSMTMTS) 

‘Rise’ by the cast of Glee: GLEE – Rise (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD