Riverdale Wednesdays: Interview with Elias Kacavas


Young Entertainment Magazine recently sat down with Euphoria actor Elias Kacavas to ask about his upcoming Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin character, Greg. The new PLL show was created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also created the much talked-about drama series Riverdale. This new show takes place 20 years after the original, with a new cast of liars being stalked by an unknown entity. Though it was announced on September 2, 2020, there is yet to be a set premiere date.

Little is known about Kacavas’s character Greg. During the interview he stated that “Greg is a very different character from Cal…the only thing they have in common is the fact that they both wear letterman jackets.”. Kacavas plays a young Cal Jacobs in Euphoria, who’s adult self is a villain in the present. Young Cal was apparently very attracted to his best friend Derek, but they couldn’t be together due to the time period and the fact his girlfriend got pregnant. He basically lied to himself for years and that turned him into a bitter, repressed man. So, if Greg is the opposite of young Cal, this might mean that Greg is a jerk from the get-go.

Later in the interview, Kacavas was asked what people could expect to take away from him as an actor. He had to think for a moment but responded with “I want…to move people and want people to feel moved by my work.”. He has done this with young Cal in that there were a lot of deep conflicting emotions being played out leading up to his adult self. Considering Greg is most likely just going to be Greg, audiences are going to be moved in a different way. There’s a chance that Greg is going to be more straightforward with his emotions. Time will tell if this ends up being true.

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