Riverdale: Who’s the best fit for Veronica Lodge – Archie, Chad, or Someone else?

Veronica Lodge is one of the most iconic femme fatales to ever be on The CW. And she’s still making waves during Riverdale’s fifth season that is currently airing. It’s been 7 years since Archie and the ganggraduated from Riverdale High. Hiram Lodge finally succeeded in his venture to conquer and monopolize the town with money. And Archie nor anyone else has been there to stop him. 

By Quincy Corsey

Archie Andrew left to the army, F.P. “Jughead” Jones III left for the University of Iowa, and Betty Cooper left for Yale. But the most surprising turnout of the four was Veronica Lodge, better known as “Ronnie”, and her life showing her career and now marriage. Archie and Ronnie broke up two weeks before graduating and now she is married to a man named Chad Gekko in the upper eastside of New York. However, this new marriage brings the questions of who the best fit for Veronica is. Is it Archie, Chad, or just someone new altogether? Let’s talk about Archie first.

Archie and Ronnie


Archibald Andrews being the main character has plenty of time to develop and show who he is. He met Veronica Lodge at Pops while Betty was confessing her love for Archie. And soon Ronnie and Archie then later kissed in the closet. They finally confessed their love for one another after a few episodes in. And they stayed together until 2 weeks before they graduated in season four/five. 

Physical Dynamic:

For the most part Archie and Veronica have a more physical display of love for one another. But through verbal and bonding circumstances. In season 1, Archie was infatuated with her physical aspects but got to know Veronica on a platonic level. Veronica was not even looking his way and was actually trying to help Betty get Archie instead. This didn’t last very long and later showed how they both are wanting to be with each other.  

Emotional Dynamic:  

True companionship unfolds and Veronica becomes more than just a cute girl on Archie’s arm. Archie relies on her for more than courage with stage fright at a talent show. And is vulnerable when his father is shot by the black hood at Pop’s. It seemed pretty doubtful for a season after Arch says he loves her first and she cannot commit to saying it back. But this all comes full circle in season three giving more confirmation on why they should be together. But there were also a lot of reasons why they SHOULDN’T be together also.

Cons of Varchie (Veronica & Archie):

Archie is a guy willing to help whoever, whenever, no matter the cost and risk of what he needs to do to help them. This is great for people around him but could potentially hurt the people close to them. He is stubborn and will not admit he needs help until it is too late for most times. However, the biggest thing about why it is so hard for them to stay together is not just the things her Father did and does to her relationships. But it’s the trauma and influence that guided his daughter to go out and pursue a man that’s just like him. The man is named Chad Gekko from New York.

Chad & Ronnie


Chadwick Gekko, better known as Chad, is a well-endowed Stock Trader who met Veronica Lodge doing business in the bull pen and later created a power couple during the 7-year time skip after season four. He was first introduced in the CW’s Katy Keene – appearing in the Archieverse New York him and Veronica live in today. He seems to be pretty dry and boring compared to the ups and downs Varchie had but there are also good as well.

Physical Dynamics:

Their dynamic is one of more physical displays of gifts, talks at the dinner table, and just being separate for the most part. This is TOTALLY opposite of what Varchie was all about and it shows. You can tell how distant they are from another compared to her last relationship. His body language seems more possessive seeing Ronnie as a goal and not an actual person. This leads to a lack of an emotional dynamic in their relationship that we see in the first few episodes in season five.

Emotional Dynamic: 

Chad is not the one to show a lot of affection like Archie. But man, they really have no intimate moments. It seems fake and just going through the motions of being married. They do not seem on the same page at all. Chad cares about her and even loves her. He wants to be with Veronica and make a life together. But she just doesn’t seem like she feels the same way. She feels trapped ever since this Helicopter accident they got into and now Chad won’t let her out of his site or even go anywhere alone. This seems like a genuine concern, but we later know he is very controlling, possessive, and downright condescending about anything Veronica wants to do alone. 

The Verdict:

Overall, to wrap up who might be the best fit for Veronica Lodge we need to truly look at where Veronica truly gets to feel free. She wants freedom from her past, her parents, and her mistakes. But it doesn’t seem to be working with Chad and it shows as each new episode premieres. I think it is not a matter of who is treating her right, loves her, and other regular factors because they both do that. But more about who is letting Veronica be her true self and not a trophy that can be attained with a material lifestyle.

I don’t think there is going to be someone else, but if there is it has to be someone willing to truly listen to Veronica and see who she is and what she wants. This is why Archie seems to be the better of the two at the moment. It’s still in the air on as the show progresses, but we’ll see who comes out on top.  

Who do you ship Veronica Lodge with?