Robby and Tory of Cobra Kai | All About The Karate Power Couple

Robby and Tory from Cobra Kai are the karate power couple we all love to root for. From their first meeting to their current training under John Kreese, these two have had some of the best scenes in the show. If you’re a Cobra Kai fan we’re about to dive into everything you’d want to know about Robby Keene and Tory Nichols of Cobra Kai. If you’re new to the show and haven’t had a chance to watch it then you’re about to learn a lot more about one of the show’s favorite love affairs.

Robby and Tory Cobra Kai

Robby and Tory of Cobra Kai are a Power Couple

Robby and Tory of Cobra Kai are a power couple that you can’t help but root for. They both come from broken homes and have trust issues, but they’re able to lean on each other for support. With Robby’s skills in karate and Tory’s street smarts, they make a great team. We’re excited to see each of their characters continue to develop and even more curious to see if they each become more kind and grounded or if they allow their anger to control them.

Cobra Kai TV Show

If you’re looking for an action-packed show with martial arts, then you’ll want to check out Cobra Kai. The show is set 34 years after the events of The Karate Kid film and follows Johnny Lawrence, the former villain, as he reopens the Cobra Kai dojo. His nemesis, Daniel LaRusso, now has a successful car dealership but is struggling to connect with his teenage daughter. When Lawrence’s protégé, Miguel Diaz, ends up in the hospital after a run-in with Daniel’s daughter and her friends, the two sensei are pulled back into a rivalry that threatens to destroy them both. The Karate Kid helped increase the popularity of martial arts in the west and we have a feeling Cobra Kai might do the same as the show has become increasingly popular amongst young adults.

Cobra Kai TV Show with Robby and Tory

Robby’s Character in Cobra Kai

Robby Keene is Johnny Lawrence’s son and one of the main characters in Cobra Kai. He’s a talented karateka but is constantly overshadowed by his father’s legacy. Robby takes it a little too far early in the series and ends up seriously injuring Miguel which makes for escalated drama throughout the show. When Miguel Diaz ends up in the hospital at the end of season 1, the show leaves viewers on a major cliffhanger moment.

Robby is one of the characters who develops the most throughout the series. He begins the series as a punk kid with a lack of morals and progresses to have better morals. As Robby becomes more of a main character throughout the series it quickly becomes clear that Robby and Tory of Cobra Kai are meant to be. They both come from broken homes, have trust issues, and have trouble channeling their anger. Learning lessons the hard way seems to be the trend for both Tory and Robby of Cobra Kai.

Robby and Tory Relationship Cobra Kai

Tory Character in Cobra Kai

Tory Nichols is another main character in Cobra Kai. She’s a tomboyish girl who befriends Miguel Diaz and helps him recover from his injuries. She also has a crush on Robby Keene, which causes tension between her and Sam LaRusso, Daniel’s daughter. From the very beginning, we knew that Tory was going to be a character that caused some conflict due to her attitude and sassy demeanor. It’s easy to say that it didn’t take long for Tory to become one of the highlights of each Cobra Kai episode.

When Robby and Tory of Cobra Kai started dating is when the drama really starts to progress. As more events occur you can see that Tory is trying to figure out who she really is. Tory’s character see’s limited development throughout the series, however, the show keeps hinting that she may make a change. Tory has contemplated her actions several times and we believe there may be some big changes for Tory taking place in future seasons of Cobra Kai.

Tory fighting Robby in Cobra Kai

Who Plays Robby in Cobra Kai?

Robby is played by Tanner Buchanan. He’s best known for his role as Leo Kirkman in the ABC political drama, Designated Survivor. In addition, you can find Tanner Buchanan on the Nickelodeon game show, Game Shakers. Although Tanner has a limited resume, we feel like he was cast for a reason. He’s done an excellent job playing Robby Keen in Cobra Kai thus far and we look forward to seeing future seasons of Cobra Kai with him and his character. There’s no doubt that Cobra Kai is what he’s now known for and that the show could be a big jumping-off point for his acting career.

Robby from Cobra Kai

Who Plays Tory in Cobra Kai?

Tory is played by Peyton List. She’s best known for her roles in the Disney Channel series, Jessie and Bunk’d. Peyton List has a pretty impressive acting record under her belt but she also was able to establish herself as a pop recording artist. It’s safe to say that acting isn’t her only skill set because we think she’s pretty talented when it comes to music as well.

Tory from Cobra Kai

Favorite Cobra Kai Scenes of Robby and Tory

Some of our favorite scenes of Robby and Tory are when they’re training together or when they’re bantering with each other. They have great chemistry and are always entertaining to watch. We also love the moments when they’re being honest with each other and we can see their vulnerability. All in all, we think Robby and Tory make a great couple and they simply make sense. If Robby and Tory are your favorite couple from Cobra Kai please let us know on Twitter.

About The Original Karate Kid

The original karate kid is one of the most iconic movies of the 1980s. The story of Daniel LaRusso, played by Ralph Macchio, overcoming bullies and becoming a karate champion has been inspiring for generations. The movie is also responsible for popularizing martial arts in the West. The movie was so popular that many people make references to it today, such as, “wax on, wax off”. Watching the original Karate Kid movie is certain to give you more context when it comes to Cobra Kai so we definitely recommend checking it out.

Original Karate Kid

Season 5 of Cobra Kai

Season 5 of Cobra Kai is set to release September 9th of 2022 and we hope to see a lot more of Robby and Tory in future seasons of Cobra Kai! Check out the Cobra Kai Season 5 trailer below.