Round 2 of Young Entertainment’s March Madness Best Ship Tournament

The Big Dance has wrapped up on Tuesday night with the Connecticut Huskies (31-8) defeating the San Diego State Aztecs (32-7) by a final score of 76-59 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. The Huskies now have the most championships with five in the last 25 seasons. This season, UConn was an after thought, as just 2.08% of brackets picked them to the National Championship.

Right now, we’ve decided to host our own March Madness with a Best Ship Tournament of all the top ships on screen. Each week, these top-notch couples will go head to head against each other to eventually be crowned Young Entertainment’s “Best Ship.”

Here are the second round results, also known as the “Elite Eight.”

First Matchup: Charlie/Nick from Heartstopper vs. Ricky/Gina from High School Musical: The Musical

There aren’t many LGBTQ+ couples on television, and fans seem to be crazy about Charlie and Nick from Heartstopper. The two are arguably the cutest LGBTQ+ couple at the moment. Oh, and they’re essentially couple goals, as they’re constantly flirting, touching, glancing, and joking with each other. They started out as friends and slowly became lovers in the Netflix coming-of-age romantic drama series.

Ricky and Gina aren’t an LGBTQ+ couple, but they’re one of the cutest couples on television. The heterosexual couple from High School Musical: The Musical has been nothing short of suspenseful. In addition, Gina told Ricky: “I wouldn’t quit on us if I wasn’t moving away.”

These two couples come from different backgrounds, but which couple will come out on top?

Second Matchup: Leia/Jay from That 90s Show vs. Nico/Ari from Elite

Remember when a naive Leia met a suave Jay on That 90s Show? If not, don’t worry.

Leia and Jay’s struggle as a high school couple was obvious, and fans of the teen sitcom were definitely there to witness a relationship worthy of a Taylor Swift song. The pair’s love language was physical affection, but Jay ultimately broke up with Leia before she left for Chicago, Illinois, due to his uncertainty about a long-distance relationship.

What are Nico and Ari from Elite? The answer appears to be unclear, but there are possibilities.
The apparent couple probably aren’t sure either.

Ari appeared to be transphobic, but she later gave Nico, a transgender male, another chance. The couple eventually showed their other sides that they initially didn’t know about.

This is a tough choice, but we’ll see which couple comes out on top.

Third Matchup: Mouse/Ash from Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin vs. Ginny/Marcus from Ginny and Georgia

Mouse and Ash are arguably the cutest couple in Pretty Little Liars. The couple originally met in a computer class. Ash then encouraged Mouse to get out of her online would and join the Spectrum Club for LGBTQ+ students. Whenever the two kiss, there’s passion in their eyes — and their first kiss was at a Halloween party.

Although Ginny and Marcus are an on-and-off couple in Ginny and Georgia, they’re the favorite on-and-off couple among most, if not all, fans. The couple’s rocky relationship was tested in the first season, but they reunited in the second season. Hopefully, they’ll stay together in the third season.

These are two different couples, but let’s see which couples moves forward to the “Final Four.”

Fourth Matchup: Lissa/Christian from Vampire Academy vs. Belly/Conrad from The Summer I Turned Pretty

Lissa and Christian are a significant romance plot in the Vampire Academy. From the start, the couple’s relationship has been a rollercoaster of emotions. They first met in the attic of their academy’s church and immediately fell in love with each other. Their love story appears to have a bright future.

Belly and Conrad’s love story screams classic. Belly had a crush on Conrad, who had no idea that she existed. Conrad didn’t notice Belly until she becomes comfortable with herself and blossoms into a beautiful young woman. Their first kiss, which was in a pool, was electric. They’re so vulnerable when they spend time together.

Both couples’ relationships resemble Love Story by Taylor Swift, so let’s wait and see which couple will punch their ticket to the “Final Four.”

Fifth Matchup: Wilhelm/Simon from Young Royals vs. Maeve/Jenea from One Of Us Is Lying

Fans of foreign couples can rejoice, as Wilhelm and Simon are a feisty Swedish couple on Young Royals. Wilhelm’s villain arc appears to be unstoppable, and Simon’s confession of love was sweet. Simon singing a love song was just as sweet.

Opposites attract in One Of Us Is Lying. Jenea’s punk rock spirit somehow compliments Maeve’s sass. Despite her punk rocker personality, Jenea overdosed and suffered a near death experience after being hesitant to make a move on Maeve. This couple’s relationship was interesting, to say the least.

Both couples are polar opposites, but now’s the time to pick the better one of the two.

Sixth Matchup: Agatha/Tedros from The School For Good And Evil vs. Seb/Carlos from High School Musical: The Musical

Unlike most other couples, Agatha and Tedros went from enemies to lovers. Agatha’s anger has led to Tedros’ black eye at one point, but he later realized that she wasn’t evil and that she simply attended the wrong school. The couple’s farewell kiss was followed with a promise to see each other one day.

Seb and Carlos are a same-sex couple attending high school. However, there’s a childhood romantic charm to the couple. The couple’s stability was something that many other couples in their high school lacked. Carlos’ singing to Seb brought the house down in the series.

Which one of the two couples will win out?

Seventh Matchup: Norah/Jordan from Ginny and Georgia vs. Pope/Cleo from Outer Banks

Norah and Jordan appear to be doing well as a couple on the set of Ginny and Georgia. The couple are reportedly serious. They share just one brain cell, as Norah’s ditzy and Jordan gives off stoner vibes. But they seem to be happy, which is all that matters.

Outer Banks’ Pope and Cleo share a special connection that seems to be promising on and off set. The couple’s natural ease shows whenever they’re together. Cleo found an unmatched love and compassion from Pope, and their love for each other seems to be a genuine type of love.

Which couple’s love is stronger in the end?

Eighth Matchup: Enid/Ajax from Wednesday vs. Rose/Dmitri from Vampire Academy

Wednesday may not be the typical Netflix viewer’s cup of tea. But Enid and Ajax’s relationship are one of the cutest couples on Netflix, as the two are just so kind and adorable. Their shyness towards each other in an antique shop can be considered as one of the sweetest couples’ scenes in history.

Rose and Dmitri are another couple from the Vampire Academy. Rose is the love of Dmitri’s life, as well as his soulmate and future wife. The tension between the two was exceptional, and the roadblocks haven’t stopped them from loving each other. They’ve learned to love each other, no matter what.

Which couple’s love can dominate for a “Final Four” spot?