Shane’s Top 10 Looks In ‘Faking It’

Admit it. You probably only watch Faking It because Shane is the fab GBF you wish you had. He’s sassy and fabulous, but also often the voice of reason and light of insight to all the other confused characters on the show. He is Amy’s sherpa up the mountain of gay, and basically always solves all of Liam’s problems for him, in addition to masterminding a Theo/Lauren collab. And of course, he’s definitely Hester High’s winner for Best Dressed. YE compiled a list of Shane’s Top 10 Looks In Faking It for you to use as your very own cheat sheet when stressing about back to school style. YASSSSSS Qween!!!

Shane Classic



Shane’s go-to look is a thin sassy sweater (generally red or another loud color) layered over a collared button down (generally white with the bold color on top of the more muted), mocking preppy style and instead being ironically punk/hip. This look is best paired with an eye-catching necklace hanging right on the exposed collar of the button down, again juxtaposing traditional (boring button down) with fun and edgy (funky necklace).

Miami Vice

Another one of Shane’s favorite looks is the pairing of a deep V and a sleek blazer. I call it the Miami Vice, as the 80’s cop drama was the progenitor of the look that all the dudes were wearing back then. Again, the casual cool of the V-neck juxtaposes the formalness of the sophisticated blazer.

“Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike


Which is precisely how Amy describes his homecoming attire in season 1, and she’s dead on. As Amy’s beard date to keep her mother from knowing she and Karma have been elected homecoming queens, (and you know, pretending to be gay, except Amy might really be gay) he gets all gussied up in a sleeveless black bedazzled cowboy shirt, a haute hat, tight black jeans, and cowboy boots. Shane looks amaze…but also def like he just walked out of a strip club in Texas.

Yoga Fab


Confronting Lauren, Amy’s sometimes evil stepsister, in the school’s yoga/dance studio, Shane is fab fab fab, and even a bit of a diva, in simple 3/4 length cinched camp yoga sweat pants, a tank top, and a sporty turquoise hoodie. Good thing he looks fab, because that’s when he meets Mr. Prep School Perfect Pablo. Swoon.

Cater Waiter Chic


At the wedding of Amy’s mom and Lauren’s dad, Shane and Liam disguise themselves as cater waiters working the wedding. Shane looks sharp in a white tuxedo and lavender bow tie, a uniform look that would’ve looked cheesy and cheap on lesser humans, but Shane owns that goofy cater waiter uniform, and looks even better in white than any bride. Plus he ends up kissing sexy Pablo!!

Frozen In Time


Shane dresses up as Sven from Frozen with the expectation that Liam will dress up as Kristoff…but Liam leaves him hanging in the dress up department, which is a shame because Shane was killing the sexy reindeer look. Shane ends up with Theo and Liam at a seedy bar on the outskirts of town where Shane sports cute basketball jersey under a sleeveless hoodie. Shane is the fabbest thing in the dirty bar!!!

Dirty Dancing King


It’s drama, drama, drama! Or drama club tryouts that is. At Hester High where creativity is king, performing arts borders on professional level, and everybody is vying for the single open spot in drama club for that ticket straight to Hollywood. Karma’s singing game is strong (no surprise given Katie Stevens was on American Idol), but it’s Shane who really shines during the dance-off when he removes his stuffy button down to reveal a very snug white ribbed tank top a la Patrick Swayze in the sweaty dance classic Dirty Dancing.

MMA Master



Shane’s assertion that “MMA is pretty much the gayest thing ever” is acknowledged universally as a known fact–there’s a lot of dude on dude action where faces intersect with privates…you get the picture. So Shane joins Theo in some MMA action to prove his point, and maybe find love in the process. Shane outs the hot instructor based on a hip tattoo he recognizes and manages to pick up the hottest guy in the room, even while wearing his sweaty workout clothes!!! That is skill, son!!!

Grandma Sweater Sassy


The first time we see Shane in Faking It, he approaches Karma and Amy in the courtyard wearing the unthinkable–a tacky grandma sweater/robe hybrid monstrosity. But Shane makes crochet fashion look GOOD. Nobody else could make a grandma sweater look as sassy as our Shane can.

Shane Classic, Part Deux

Shane’s more casual go-to look is tiny khaki shorts paired a short-sleeved cotton button down with a funky pattern, generally capped off with an ironic appropriation of boat shoes. Even in something as simple as khakis, Shane still looks FIERCE!!!