Shiloh Nelson shares what it’s like to star in Feel The Beat on Netflix

If you’ve watched the movie Feel The Beat on Netflix, then you know Shiloh Nelson. Shiloh stars alongside Sofia Carson in the Netflix film where she plays stage manager Ruby. To prepare for her role in Feel The Beat, Shiloh underwent a month of dance training alongside her co-stars. She’s also starred in movies like Tomorrowland, Mom’s Night Out, and Annabelle. You may also have seen her on TikTok where her and her brother currently have 3.8 million followers. Shiloh spoke with YEM about her career and what it’s like to star in a Netflix movie that’s all about dancing!

Young Entertainment Mag: How long before production did you find out you were cast in Feel The Beat? What was your reaction?

Shiloh Nelson: I found out only two and a half weeks before I was on a plane to live in Canada for three months. I was so excited! When I found out I booked it I cried.

YEM: What was your favorite scene to shoot in Feel The Beat? (I actually liked the bathroom scene, I thought it was very honest)

Shiloh: Thank you! That is really important to me so it means a lot. The bathroom scene is probably my favorite in the movie but to actually film I think it was the bad dance. Our choreographer Mia Michaels let us add our own mistakes based on our characters so it was a lot of fun to improv and I feel like it was different every time. When you see me fall into frame in the scene that was not at all planned.

YEM: What was one acting challenge for you and how did you overcome it?

Shiloh: I’ve never physically prepared for a role like this. They put us through a whole month of dance training before filming. The first words in ASL that my co-star Shaylee taught me were the signs for ‘hot’ and ‘tired’ because that’s what I was! But by the end, I was too good of a dancer for my character and Mia choreographed mistakes back in for me which made me so happy!

YEM: What was your favorite movie or tv show and how did it inspire you?

Shiloh: My dad recently showed me the film Notting Hill and I love it. Julia Roberts is so brilliant. I feel like I learn so much from watching her.

YEM: What was the best advice given to you by a fellow actor?

Shiloh: Sofia (Carson) taught me to always bring my mom to set even when I’m older and don’t have to. You always need your mom.

YEM: Who are you most looking forward to work with and why?

Shiloh: I’d love to work with Dwayne Johnson. I love the way he puts his audience first, makes his own films, and is so funny. I think I’d learn so much from him.

YEM: What projects are you currently working on?

Shiloh: I’m currently recording the next season of Puppy Dog Pals for Disney Channel. It’s nice because I do it while social distancing as I’m alone in the booth.

YEM: How did you and your brother get into TikTok?

Shiloh: We did a video for Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show challenge and it got over four million views in our first week. From there we just kept making fun videos.

YEM: Looks like you have a lot of fun on there. What are some tricks that you use to help build your TikTok account?

Shiloh: I would say be original. The trends are fun, but add your own twist to it and make it uniquely you.

YEM: How do you decide what content to put out there?

Shiloh: There are certain themes we like exploring like the relationship between siblings but honestly we just put up what we like and what makes us laugh.

YEM: What’s your favorite TikTok that you’ve done?

Shiloh: I really like the whip cream prank Tik Tok that we did. That video ended up everywhere all over the internet. My friends still send it to me on random pages.

Julia Roberts is so brilliant. I feel like I learn so much from watching her.

YEM: What’s your ultimate goal for TikTok?

Shiloh: To make entertaining quality videos for people. I hope they make them smile and their day a little brighter.