Singer Izzy Escobar talks her new single “Broken Wings”

Singer-Songwriter Izzy Escobar is using music to deal with pain. Her debut single is called “Broken Wings” (Available everywhere digitally now) and showcases her commanding attitude and powerful vocals through all her hardships. Rising from a “never ending circle of violence” from an abusive stepparent, where she was voiceless in protecting her own family members, she began channeling that pain into lyrics–and eventually songs–at a very young age. Her latest singles show how far she’s come from that frightened girl to a strong, capable woman who wants to spread her message of hope and strength to those who may face their own struggles. YEM spoke with Izzy about her musical journey.

Young Entertainment Mag: “Broken Wings” is your debut single, an emotional ballad about staying strong through tough times. How have your past experiences shaped your songwriting style?

Izzy Escobar: Absolutely! Even today, During tough times, writing music is my outlet into expression. I write many of my songs based upon the lessons that I have learned and experienced from my past- this is especially true to why I wrote “Broken Wings”

YEM: Is it true that the #MeToo movement was an inspiration for this song?

Izzy: The main goal of the song was to empower others, especially those who have gone through a situation of domestic violence, which is why I think the #metoo movement is so in sync with the meaning and purpose of the song “Broken Wings”!

YEM: In addition to singing, you can also play a few instruments. Do you plan on playing guitar or piano in future releases?

Izzy: Yes, recently I have been writing with my guitar to create a more acoustic and stripped down sound. I find that sometimes, “less is more” when writing.

YEM: These days, many musicians use Soundcloud to get their start, but you didn’t. What’s the best advice you can give for someone who’s genre also doesn’t fit with the rap-overrun Soundcloud platform?

Izzy: My advice is to dream big and work hard. Everyone has a voice- and your voice deserves to be heard. As long as you get your music out into the world and get the word out, people will listen.

YEM: What would you say is your genre? There seems to be a blend of styles in “Broken Wings”.

Izzy: I see myself as a pop artist. That being said, I’ve never believed in strictly setting myself to one genre of music. I love to sing all styles!!

YEM: What is ahead for you? Any more singles? Maybe touring?

Izzy: Yes! I can’t wait for you to hear my new music!!!