Singer Kelsey Lamb speaks with YEM

Singer Kelsey Lamb is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry. Not only has she toured with Kenny Rodgers, but she has also starred in several Hallmark movies that have included her songs as well. Kelsey’s debut song is called Little By Little, and she recently released a music video for the song. YEM spoke with the rising star about her new song and budding music career.

Young Entertainment Mag:  How did you first get involved in music? Who are your music influences?
Kelsey: I grew up in a very musical family, it was inevitable that I would end up in music. I first started out singing in church choir when I was very young! Some of my influences range from Tim McGraw & Blake Shelton to Avril Lavigne & Allison Krause. It’s a wide range, but I grew up with so many siblings who enjoyed different types of music!
YEM: How would you describe your sound? How did you discover what your sound would be as an artist?
Kelsey: I draw a lot of my inspiration from the males who are on the radio right now, and I honestly think that is the best way to describe my sound! I grew up listening to male country music and that’s what I channel mostly when it comes to production & the way I approach storylines in my songs.
YEM: Your song “Warning Sign” appeared in a Lifetime Original Movie! What is it like to hear your song on television?
Kelsey: It was super weird but very exciting! I was so nervous because not only was my song playing in the movie, I was also performing in the movie… and that was crazy!
YEM: You’re also an actress who has appeared in several Hallmark original movies. What do you love about acting?
Kelsey: Honestly, acting is a whole different world! But, what I do love about it is that it really brought me out of my shell and taught me to not be afraid to step outside my comfort zone.
YEM: Do you prefer acting or singing? Or a mixture of the two?
Kelsey: I prefer singing…I would say that acting is way out of my comfort zone haha.
YEM: You’ve opened for Kenny Rogers on tour. What is it like touring the country?
Kelsey: Performing live is my favorite so I have loved getting the chance to perform outside of Nashville!
YEM: Your debut single is called “Little By Little.” Tell us about it.
Kelsey: “Little By Little” was written with Jesse Labelle and Erik DiNardo here in Nashville. I had just jumped into a new relationship when I brought the title to Erik during our very first writing session and we used that title to just describe that give and take and compromise that comes with starting out in a new relationship.
YEM: What’s ahead for you? Maybe an album release?
Kelsey: I sure hope so!! I am definitely going to be playing a lot more shows and continue working on my EP in the coming months.
To listen to Kelsey Lamb’s song Little By Little, click here.