Singer Penelope Robin is making her voice known

Whether singing or acting, Penelope Robin is on it. Penelope began acting at age 5 and since then has developed a true passion for the arts. But music is in her veins. Penelope Robin’s mother is a producer and director who has worked with artists like Little Mix. And her father is Grammy Nominated multi-platinum producer and songwriter C-Rod, who has worked with Enrique Iglesias, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez. This year, Penelope Robin is releasing her debut album and she’s given YEM the inside scoop!

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you first get involved in music?
Penelope Robin: Well….I kind of feel like music was always there. It has been a part of me even before I was born. My dad C-Rod is a music producer and songwriter so I was pretty much in a recording studio since I was a baby listening to VERY LOUD music. 🙂 It’s the one thing I absolutely love more than anything in this world. When I was about seven I convinced my dad to sit with me on the piano because I wanted to write a song, and that’s where it all started. I haven’t stopped writing and singing since then.
YEM: How would you describe your sound? How did you find your sound?
Penelope Robin: I think finding my sound is part of the journey. It keeps evolving as I continue writing and learning. I started writing when I was seven on a piano with my dad and now I write on my guitar coming up with melodies and lyrics and then bringing those into the studio. Sometimes we write to a track as well, so I think it depends on the song, but I would definitely say it is very much POP.
YEM: Tell us about your new song, “Some Girls.” What is the song about?
Penelope Robin: Some Girls is one of my favorite songs. I wrote it a while ago because I wanted to send a message to every girl out there looking at social media and thinking they need to have this or that, or that they need to look a certain way. I think we have to be happy with who we are and grateful for our families and everything we have. It’s the little things in life that we have to be enjoying even though it’s awesome to dream big 🙂
YEM: You have a new album coming out this year! What can fans expect form your new music?
Penelope Robin: I’m mostly releasing singles, but I do have so many new songs coming that I’m very excited to share. I have been writing more acoustic songs and recording a bit of a different sound that I hope my fans love as much as I do! They truly are the greatest and they show me so much love supporting my music the way they do.
YEM: Finally, If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
Penelope Robin: Wow…haha that’s such a tough question! I am so inspired by so many artists and everyone has something that I admire. I am however a huge Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars fan. They really inspire me as songwriters and performers and I really look up to them. It would be the biggest honor ever to collaborate with them one day <3.