So Weird: Where are they now?

So Weird, that unique sci-fi show that premiered on Disney Channel in the 90s, was finally made available again when it was included among the original content on Disney+. So Weird was a show unlike any other that appeared on Disney Channel, and it drew a loyal cult following. Disney+ was the answer to the So Weird fans’ prayers who longed once more to explore the paranormal with Fi and the gang.

So Weird was different from other shows on the Disney Channel for its darker tone that encompassed supernatural scares and emotionally deep moments. The story followed Fiona “Fi” Phillips, a young girl following her rock star mother, Molly Phillips, on her comeback tour. Fi is intent on reconnecting with her father, who died when she was three. Paranormal forces like ghosts and alien invasions as well as supernatural characters like banshees and vampires, frequently crossed paths with Fi.

As Fi traveled the country on her mother’s tour bus, we got to know tour roadie Ned Bell, his wife Irene, and their son Clu, as well as Jack Phillips, Fi’s protective but skeptical brother. Let’s take a closer look at the cast of characters from So Weird and what the show’s actors are up to today.

Fiona “Fi” Phillips (Cara DeLizia)


Fi Phillips is an adventurous character, well-versed in the lore of the supernatural or paranormal. She also took to documenting her fantastic encounters by posting her experiences on a website. Fi has a special connection to the paranormal and even held some small psychic powers. She is incredibly drawn to her father, who was revealed to have his own adventures with the paranormal.

Fi was played by Cara DeLizia, who later went on to voice Z in The Rugrats series All Grown Up!. Cara also appeared in the supernatural show Ghost Whisperer. In 2012, Cara decided to retire from her career as in acting and voice acting.

Molly Phillips (Mackenzie Phillips)

Molly Phillips is a singer-songwriter and the mother of Fiona and Jack. She decides to return to singing after an extended break and brings her family with her on tour. Molly cares deeply about her children. She keeps it a secret from Fiona that her father was also interested in the paranormal since he became obsessed with it at the end of his life. Molly frequently sings throughout the show and often expresses heartfelt emotions through her songs.

Molly was played by Mackenzie Phillips, who was making a comeback in her own acting career. Mackenzie’s newer acting roles include voice work on Phineas and Ferb and Milo Murphy’s Law.

Jack Phillips (Patrick Levis)

Jack Phillips is the eternal skeptic on So Weird that continually disputes Fi’s claims of paranormal activity. Despite his disbelief, Jack is always very protective of Fi, and throughout the series, the two share a close sibling bond.

Patrick Levis, who portrayed Jack Phillps in So Weird, had already been in the Disney Original Movie Brink!. After So Weird, Patrick left acting to form a band with his siblings known as Least of These.

Clu Bell (Erik Von Detten)

Clu Bell is the son of Ned and Irene Bell and is known for his goofy, laid-back nature. He is a little more prone to believe Fi’s wild theories than Jack and willing to go on adventures with her. In season two of So Weird, Clu moves away to attend college.

Clu Bell is played by Erik Von Detten, who is most recognizable for his role as Josh on the Princess Diaries. Erik’s had many other roles, including voicing Sid in Toy Story and Toy Story 3 and additional voice acting parts in Jimmy Neutron, Recess: School’s Out, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Erik has also retired from acting and is pursuing other career goals.

Irene Bell (Belinda Metz)

Irene Bell is Molly’s band manager and is often a voice of reason. Particularly when Molly and Fi struggle to get along.

The character Irene was played by Belinda Metz, who went on to play a role in the movie Eight Below. Belinda left acting to pursue an independent music career.

Ned Bell (Dave Ward)

Ned Bell is the fatherly figure on So Weird and also Molly’s head roadie and tour bus driver.

Dave Ward, who played Ned, is known for his extensive work in Anime voice roles, having portrayed characters in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, and Hamtaro.

Carey Bell (Eric Lively)

Carey Bell is the older brother of Clu, who joins Molly’s band after dropping out of college. He is also a carefree character like his brother and is always willing to help Fi with a paranormal investigation.

Carey Bell is played by Eric Lively, who has appeared in films like American Pie and A Madea Christmas. At the moment, Eric has no upcoming projects.  

Annie Thelen (Alexz Johnson)

Annie Thelen is a family friend of the Phillips who comes to live with Molly when Fi decides to leave to live with her aunt in the third season of So Weird. She takes over the paranormal investigations with the help of a mystical ring that previously belonged to Fi’s father. Annie is often followed by her spirit guide, who takes the form of a panther.

Annie Thelen was played by Alexz Johnson, who continues her acting career in roles on Degrassi: Minis and Smallville. Alexz is most known for her singing career and recently released her fourth studio Album Still Alive in May.

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