Soundbites: Week of September 7th, 2015

Welcome to Soundbites, where we at YE take a moment to commemorate some of the best lines from our favorite shows from the past week. Whether it’s a one-line zinger, an unforgettable pun, or a dramatic moment of truth, Soundbites brings you the can’t-miss best-of-the-best lines from your fave shows. This week we feature Awkward., Faking It, and Switched at Birth.


Over at PHHS, senior year is coming to a close, but the fun, drama, and forbidden hookups are still going strong, as is Matty’s desire to pull off the most epic senior prank ever…which he repeatedly fails at time and again. In “Short Circuit Party,” his efforts are inadvertently bested by Jenna when she accidentally throws a bucket of water on exposed electrical wiring, sending the school back into the dark ages. No lights, no AC, what is there to do? Cancel school, duh!!! Much to Matty’s chagrin, she’s praised as a school hero with a beach party planned to celebrate. On her accidental sabotage, BFF Tamara warns Jenna:

“Congrats, Jenna. You’ve advanced high school stuff into Deep Throat territory!”

With only 48 days left in high school, what other awkward shenanigans can Jenna get into?


Over on Faking It, everybody was having baby mamma drama. The episode was titled “The Revengers: Age of the Monocle,” but it may as well have been titled “Ex Hex” because that’s what everyone was up to. Seeking space from her new and perfect alterna GF Reagan but not knowing how to tell her, Amy resolves to get some alone time by throwing Karma into a cater waiter job Reagan tries to talk Amy into taking. On the sudden job opening, Reagan explains:

“We are down a cater waiter. Jane left after her vibrator cozies blew up on Etsy.”

Lol. How very Austin, and how very Hester High. (Runner up: From Karma regarding her hippie Austin parents, “Making artisinal soaps isn’t a job.” But it’s better than selling weed brownies, Karma.)

SWITCHED AT BIRTH - "Between Hope and Fear" - Regina is caught off guard when Eric asks her to move in with him in an all-new episode of “Switched at Birth,” airing Monday, September 7th, 2015 at 8:00PM ET/PT on ABC Family. (ABC Family/Eric McCandless) VANESSA MARANO, LUCAS GRABEEL

Bay and Toby check out a school for special needs children to help make the decision on the pregnancy.

On ABC Family though there was legit baby mamma drama on Switched At Birth as every character seemed to have an opinion as to what Toby and Lily should do about their pregnancy. With the child predicted to have Down Syndrome, the young couple weren’t sure this was a responsibility they were ready to undertake. Everyone chimed in with their opinion on the couple’s readiness, with the most vocal opponent to the pregnancy being Bay who was surprised to find that she and Daphne have differing views on reproductive rights. Bay was concerned Toby would be making too huge a sacrifice as caring for a special needs child is a life-long commitment. Worried for her brother’s future, she was devastated when she learned the couple decided to continue with the pregnancy. But Regina set her straight, with a quickness:

“I know this might not be your choice, but you’ve got to get on board…fast.”

Indeed, birth mommy knows best, and Bay and the other Kennishes ended up showing their support of the pregnancy.