Soundbites: Week Of October 11th, 2015

Welcome to Soundbites, where we at YE take a moment to commemorate some of the best lines from our favorite shows from the past week. Whether it’s a one-line zinger, an unforgettable pun, or a dramatic moment of truth, Soundbites brings you the can’t-miss best-of-the-best lines from your fave shows. This week we feature Awkward.Faking It, and Scream Queens.



This week, there’s a lot of withheld info waiting to come out, apt for an episode titled “The Big Reveal.” College choices are made. Repressed feelings are ready to tumble out. Will Matty follow Jenna to Maine and skip Berkley?? But the big question that isn’t really a question since Jenna accidentally stumbles up on the answer is: What is the sex of Jenna’s percolating baby sibling??? To experience pregnancy the fabulous lady way this time around, as opposed to the clandestine pregnancy of a teen as before, Lacey enlists Jenna to throw her a gender reveal party. Jenna thinks Lacey is being high maintenance, but Tamara, as always, sets her straight:

“Dial back your green monster, Jenna. This totally makes sense. Her last pregnancy was bleak. This one’s chic!”

Faking It


On this episode titled “Prom Scare,” everyone is scrambling for a date for the dreaded Prom, made mandatory by Principal D-bag. And the reason everyone is scrambling is because they are all estranged from their various on-again off-again lovers at the moment. To complicate Liam’s trying to avoid Karma/get over her situation, Shane’s older sister Sasha has moved back in and she’s as much as a horn dog as her younger bro, and she’s def trying to make Liam her Jailbait. Showing up at the school for no real reason other than to creep, Sasha says to Liam:

“I’ve just been Skwerkling things all day…Like the age of consent in Texas. It’s 17…didn’t you just have a birthday?”

She might be a creep, but she’s a creep who does her research!!!

Scream Queens


Over on Scream Queens, all the cast is scattered about chasing different end games, as happens on Ryan Murphy shows, but in that chaos, a good portion of the Kappas have at least one goal uniting them: Oust Chanel as Kappa president. To do so, some of the defectors turn her in to police for the murder of Mrs. Bean. Chanel is arrested and momentarily out of the way, spends a few Orange Is The New Black bonding moments behind bars, then is bailed out by Chanel #3. Upon reclaiming her freedom, she’s got this very Chanel-like bon mot for us:

“I’m famished. I wouldn’t mind going to Wendy’s to get some BBQ packets to dip our cotton balls in…”

Cotton, like whiskey, must make you ornery and hateful. Yep, sounds like Chanel.