Soundbites: Week Of October 18th, 2015

Welcome to Soundbites, where we at YE take a moment to commemorate some of the best lines from our favorite shows from the past week. Whether it’s a one-line zinger, an unforgettable pun, or a dramatic moment of truth, Soundbites brings you the can’t-miss best-of-the-best lines from your fave shows. This week we feature Awkward.Faking It, and Scream Queens.

Scream Queens


This week on Scream Queens the gang gets trapped in Kappa House possibly at the hands of the Red Devil, but instead of you know, behaving logically and attempting to escape, they make a funny farce of their dangerous circumstances as per usual and invite the Dicky Dollars Scholars fellas in to their slumber party/panty raid, and of course classic middle school party games ensue. Truth Or Dare, Spin The Bottle, and even the old classic Seven Minutes In Heaven make appearances, and whilst the rest of the gang is shying away from the closet kissing game, Chanel is having none of it:

“Oh give it a rest, Nancy Drew! Whatever your plan was, it isn’t working. So if you’ll excuse me for seven minutes, I’m gonna ask my boyfriend Chad Radwell to dial ‘O’ on my pink telephone.”

It’s funny, ya know, because Emma IS Nancy Drew.



Prom is always an awkward time, pun intended, and this prom-posal episode of Awkward is no different. Add on to that all these “will they or won’t they?” situations that accompany relationships at the end of high school, and things get real crazy real fast. Sadie and her beau Sergio are just one of the show’s couples waffling to decide what their futures hold, but Sadie being Sadie can’t have an honest conversation about their woes, and instead deflects with humor:

“Sergio, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t give a f*ck about the food truck. I have real world problems.”

We feel ya, girl. We really do.

Faking It

It’s prom season over on Faking It also, and with prom being mandatory but all our fave couples on the outs with each other, the combo has made for some very interesting prom pairings. As per the last episode, Karma ends up going as a “thrupple” to prom with Shane and her lab partner Wade after discovering that she and Shane were crushing on the same dude who just so happens to be both bi and crushing on both of them also. So the three go to prom together and try to beat each other out to win his affection, which doesn’t escape Liam’s attention:

“Why are we even talking about that when Karma’s out there rubbing against Wade like a genie might pop out?”

Jealous much, Liam?