The star of Pixar’s newest movie talks Coco

The newest movie from Disney and Pixar is Coco, and many are singing the film praises. The animated musical is on its way to being another Disney/Pixar hit. Coco follows the story of Miguel who dreams of being a musician. With help from his ancestors, Miguel goes on an adventure he never imagined. Young Entertainment Magazine spoke with the voice of Miguel, Anthony Gonzalez, about Coco and what it was like to hear his voice in a Pixar movie.

Young Entertainment Mag: What is it like to be the star of a Pixar movie? Did you watch Pixar movies growing up? What’s your favorite?
Anthony Gonzalez: To be the star of a Pixar movie is a dream come true! I grew up watching Pixar movies, it was always a part of my childhood and continues to be. My favorite Pixar movie would be Toy Story 3; I think all the Toy Story movies are amazing! When I was little my parents bought me a talking action figure of Woody and a personalized Buzz Lightyear blanket with my name on it.

YEM: What is it like to record your voice in a studio?
AG: It is incredible to record my voice in the studio; I enjoy every moment of it!

YEM: What is your character like? Does he get to sing in the movie?
AG: My character is very determined to achieve his dreams and make them come true! We both love music and we are both determined to reach our dreams and never give up. Miguel and I both follow our hearts. He does get to sing in the movie!

YEM: Coco is very musical- are you musical?
AG: I am very musical! I grew up in a very musical family. Music has always been a part of my life!

YEM: What’s your favorite song in the movie?
AG: My favorite song in the movie is “Remember Me.” The message of this song is very powerful anyone can connect with this song.

YEM: What kind of music do you like? Who is your favorite singer?
AG: I love both mariachi and pop songs. I love mariachi songs by Vicente Fernandez and Alejandro Fernandez.

YEM: Who is your favorite character in the movie and why?
AG: Miguel is my favorite character in the movie, because he is perserverant and doesn’t give up to achieve his dreams! I have a special connection with Miguel and can relate to Miguel in so many ways.

YEM: Your character has a dog- do you have any pets?
AG: I actually don’t have any pets. However, when I get my first dog I plan on naming him Dante.

YEM: Is it cool to hear your voice in a movie?
AG: It is very cool to hear my voice in a movie! I am very thankful and blessed to be able to bring my character, Miguel to life!

Disney/Pixar’s Coco opens in theaters today!