Super siblings Sydney & Ame talk Sista Chat

Sisters Sydney & Ame have burst on the scene with their daily Sista Chat show on Instagram. On the Sista Chat show, 15 year old Sydney and 7th graders Ame talk topics from the Gen Z perspective. On Sista Chat, they’ve interviewed celebrities such as Godfrey, Cocoa Brown, Angela E. Gibbs and even Tiffany Haddish! Now, the dynamic duo is developing an expanded talk show that is in the works. YEM spoke with the ladies of Sista Chat about how they are taking the digital world by storm.

Young Entertainment Mag: When did you both realize that you wanted a career in front of the camera?
Sydney & Ame: We have wanted a career in front of the camera our entire lives. Whether we were singing and dancing in the kitchen or performing on stage at school or in church, we were always performing! Sydney’s first job in LaLa Land was as a Gerber Baby Print Ad model before her first birthday! And Ame’s first job was with Kolkraft in 2008!

YEM: What made you both decide to do your own interview show?
Sydney & Ame: We have always wanted to host our own interview show. Talking to people and getting to know their stories is a way to build bridges, learn, grow and connect. The quarantine provided us with time to balance our school work and to plan and host Sista Chat. We have learned the importance of time management and we look forward to expanding our talk show beyond Instagram.
YEM: How did Sista Chat come to be?
Sydney & Ame: Sista Chat was born on Sydney’s pink ottoman. We chatted about the types of people we wanted to interview and we decided that our focus would be working actors, so that we could learn more about the entertainment industry. Little did we know, we would interview over 150 people in just under four months. We have laughed, cried and learned so much! It all started with a dream that we put into action.

YEM: Do you remember the first interview you ever did?
Sydney & Ame: Oh. My. Gosh. How could we ever forget?? We interviewed Nikita Francois on a Sunday afternoon. She was our very first guest. An actress living in Los Angeles, she was so gracious and gave us many pointers! We will always be grateful that she was our first guest on Sista Chat!
YEM: How do you both handle all the responsibilities of being a teenager and running your own show?
Sydney & Ame: Like we said before, handling the responsibilities of being a teenager and running our own show requires time management skills. Our mother helps keep us focused, but we are invested, so a lot of the responsibilities fall on our shoulders and we accept that challenge proudly. We make time for friends – six feet apart and we make time for our acting, singing and dance lessons! We also carve out time to be with our family and on our own to reflect and to breathe!
YEM: Who is your dream celebrity interview?
Sydney & Ame: Sydney’s dream interview is definitely BTS, the Korean Pop band, because she speaks Korean. And because they are one of her favorite groups. Ame’s dream interview would definitely be with Steph Curry, because he is her all time favorite basketball player!
YEM: You’ve had the chance to interview celebrities such as Tiffany Haddish! What is it like to speak with such big names?
Sydney & Ame: Every guest is so amazing in their own way! And no two interviews have been alike. What we have learned over the course of the last few months is that we are all people, from the biggest celebrity to the actor just starting out! What we love is that there is so much more that we all have in common than we ever realized. Tiffany Haddish, Godfrey and every other big name who has been on our show is just like you and me and all of our other guests! Bottom line, everyone has been awesome and supportive of our platform!
YEM: Anything else our readers should know about you superstar sisters?
Sydney & Ame: We love being actresses and hosting Sista Chat is a dream come true. Our hope is to continue to grow, learn and exceed our biggest, baddest dreams! We also hope that we can use our platform to fight social injustice and to take conversations about oppression of black people beyond social media and take action so that we can one day live in a world of fairness and equality for all of mankind.

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