Take a look at Emma Stone as Cruella DeVil!

This week, Disney dropped the trailer for its upcoming movie, Cruella. Disney’s Cruella is a live-action adaptation film of the legendary Disney character. The trailer depicts Emma Stone as a woman who looks out for herself and what she wants. The film appears snazzy and presents its characters in fashionable clothing. While also maintaining a vintage feel with a touch of chaos.

Emma Stone portrays the villainess in all of her glory and turmoil. While at the same time making viewers wonder about her motivations and background. The movie will be released on May 28th of this year and will provide Disney fans with Cruella’s backstory that has never been seen before. The trailer shows there are reasons for why Cruella becomes rough around the edges.

Cruella’s a woman who’s unapologetically herself and doesn’t try to hide that fact. This bold new take on an iconic villainess is revolutionary in the way it appears to explore the multi-faceted aspects of what it means to be a woman. She isn’t interested in how society wants her to be, but rather how she wants society to know her. She’s a capable woman who doesn’t hesitate to show the world exactly who she is.

The movie will undoubtedly delve into Cruella’s past and convey how she became the villainess she is known to be by Disney fans. The trailer conveys the judgement that women may feel from a society that expects them to act a certain way. The women who differ from these expectations are often thought of as uncanny.

Cruella however, makes it clear that she lives on her own terms and no one else’s. By conveying a woman in a fierce way, those who feel they don’t fit into society’s standards either will be able to resonate with her character. People who are also eager to see more films with strong female leads and the complexities they have will undoubtedly be drawn to the film.

Watch the Cruella trailer here!