Taylor Swift Drops Music Video for “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version)” Days after Her Directorial Debut of “All Too Well: The Short Film”

Just when we thought Taylor Swift couldn’t kill us anymore, she drops a new music video with wedding dresses, destruction of cake, tons of red, AND Blake Lively?! 

The internet yet again exploded when Swift released a sneak peak of her surprise new music video. The best surprise? Blake Lively. After Swift’s directorial debut on Friday, she decided to help longtime close friend Lively have her own directorial debut as well. Swift praised Lively calling her “brilliant, brave, and wickedly funny.” Manhattan’s Upper East Side would be proud.

Swift chose real-life spouses Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller (Divergent series) to play the bride and groom of a wedding Swift is going to ultimately cause chaos at. Teller is the ex-lover who keeps seeing Swift at the wedding and must come to terms with the feelings he still has of her, along with the future he had with her that he gave up. 

Swift also praised Sperry on social media, saying she was the “coolest living human on planet earth.” This included a photo of Sperry sitting on the ground while Swift holds her hand. Sperry saying she’d be Swift’s invisible bride any day. 

The video stands as a great representation of the multiple songs on Swift’s “Red (Taylor’s Version)” album that discuss breakups and heartache, and as she points out, is “the reddest video EVER!”

Of course Swift herself is in red almost the entire video (except for her white wedding dress which eventually turns red), both in dresses and a suit.

Multiple examples of red: 

  • The red present
  • The red scarf
  • The red sneakers
  • The two red rings
  • The red roses
  • The red rabbit
  • The red guitar

Then, when Swift shows up at her ex’s wedding, everything in the video, from desserts to wedding gifts to the gowns, transforms from white to a fiery red. She’s basically the “Girl on Fire.”

Swift (and Lively) add humor into the video, smashing cakes and making goofy faces, and even pretending to teach young kids to flip her ex off. While the song and video discusses the many ways her ex hurt her, it truly shows Swift’s recognition that it was his loss and he would be the one forever wishing he’d never left her. 

Genius, all these years later? Obviously. 

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