Ted Lasso Season 2 Recap | MUST WATCH before Season 3

Are you ready for another season of Ted Lasso, everybody? With Season 3 in its midst, we at YEM have made it our goal to recap Season 2 before you watch the next Season! This article will be spoiling a nice chunk, if not the entirety of Season 2, so if you haven’t watched the show before this, be sure to watch Ted Lasso‘s Season 1 first before you read! And now, onto the article! If you’d like to watch the interview on YouTube please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Here are a few points on what happens in Season 2:

Dani prepares to do the penalty kick but accidentally ends up killing A.F.C. Richmond’s greyhound mascot, Earl. Upon feeling guilty about his actions, Dani loses his ability to play. To help Danny, Richmond hires Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, a sports psychologist whose skillset doesn’t sit well with Ted (in other words, she’s leagues better than him when it comes to communicating with the team). In better news, Dani regains his enthusiasm to play again. Roy, who had retired, is now coaching a girl’s team and is dating Keeley.

Jamie is now a contestant for Lust Conquers All. Isn’t that fun? Unfortunately for Jamie however, it was fun while it lasted. When he was voted out of the show, he attempted to return to Manchester City but was unsuccessful. Upon speaking with Ted and asking to rejoin Richmond, he reveals that he had recently left Manchester City to make his father upset. Ted declines, and a singular picture of their conversation becomes viral. This eventually leads Sam, who was a victim of Jamie’s bullying, to believe that Jamie is returning. Sam storms off, and Ted tries to tell Sam that he has declined Jamie’s request.

Meanwhile, with Roy, the girl’s team ends up losing the championship, which leads Kylee to try to convince Roy to try out as a commentator at Sky Sports. Although he curses a lot and is often disapproved by other commentators, his commentary was well-received by the public and he was eventually asked to return by the network.

Ted wants to give Jamie a second chance, making Ted reconsider adding him back to the team. Upon asking the Diamond Dogs for their advice, Higgins agrees, but Beard and Nathan don’t. In the end, Jamie rejoins, which spreads confusion among the players. The team is very upset at Jamie’s return, and simply apologizing won’t cut it.

Sam meanwhile, does a photoshoot for the team’s sponsor, Dubai Air. He learns later from his father that Dubai Air is owned by an oil company that’s polluting his home country in Nigeria. Upon learning this, he withdraws from the ad campaign, which causes Rebecca to be pressured by Dubai Air to fire Sam. She stands her ground, however.

At the next game, Sam and his fellow Nigerian players Isaac and Winchester cover the Dubai Air logos on their uniforms in protest. This prompts Jamie to leave with the rest of the team to follow.

Ted allows Sam to speak during the post-game conference to speak about Dubai Air’s wrongdoings and the Nigerian government’s corruption. Jamie and Sam eventually reconcile after Jamie congratulates Sam on his courage. What a happy ending for the two!

At Christmas time, Ted tries to spend time over the phone with Henry and Michelle but is unsuccessful. Rebecca realizes that Ted will be spending his first Christmas alone as a divorcee. She brings him along to give gifts to local, unprivileged children. For the foreign players who were unfortunately not able to return home for the holidays, Higgins and his family hosted a Christmas party. Ted and Rebecca end up joining the party, performing the Christmas song: Baby, Please Come Home.

Rebecca eventually receives an interesting match on the dating app, Bantr. Bantr is an anonymous dating app that Kylee co-owns that also sponsors Richmond.

Meanwhile, during this entire development, Richmond struggles. This was partially due to Isaac, the team’s captain whose anxiety has been negatively affecting his leadership. Roy takes this problem into their own hands and brings Ted and Isacc to a field near his childhood home. He has Isacc play a pick-up match with the people playing a game of futbol, serving as a reminder to Isaac to have fun while playing. While commentating on his Soccer Saturday show, Roy sees how excited Isacc is on the pitch, and realizes that he misses being a part of the game. He immediately leaves the broadcast and goes straight to Richmond Stadium and decides to join Ted’s coaching staff.

There are a lot of points that have happened in Season 2, huh? There’s a lot more to Season 2 and this article only covers a few of them. Be be sure to check out what else happened in the video below!