Teen Wolf

 Flame Keahu Kahuanui

Keahu Kahuanui

Danny has been one of the most engaging characters on the show, providing a much-needed contrast to Jackson and going through lots of loves and losses on his own. And this jock is a lot smarter than he lets on…

Flame  Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey

The wolf of the hour. Scott McCall’s rather unique teen problems have been the stuff of legend on the show, and we can’t wait to see how he and the gang move forward after an intense Season 3.

 Flame  Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O’Brien

The sidekick to beat. Are they ever gonna listen to fans and give Stiles his own spinoff? People sure do love him enough!

 Flame  Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin

As Derek Hale, Tyler has more than caught the public’s eye, with his dark and brooding looks (are they more vampire or werewolf? You decide…).

 Flame  Holland Roden

Holland Roden

The gleefully oblivious popular girl Lydia might finally be getting a clue after the fatal events of last season, and we are excited to see just how deep she’ll dig this time around.

 Flame  Arden Cho

Arden Cho

Sword-happy Kira is not someone you want to mess with, like, ever. Also returning to school this season with a lot on her plate, let’s see how she fares…

 Flame  Shelley Hennig

Shelley Hennig

Hottest new addition Malia has a long hard road ahead, back into society and a social dynamic that has a lot going on, supernaturally and otherwise…

 Flame  Dylan Sprayberry

Dylan Sprayberry

The mysterious Liam is another new addition to the TW universe, and this wonderfully named actor is the right cutie to bring him to life!

 Flame  Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed

Not everyone gets to stay around for the party that will be Season 4. Dearly departed Allison Argent will remain departed, for good, as opposed to some of the other dead folks from the show’s first three seasons.

 Flame  Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes

We loved to hate (and love) rich boy/baddie Jackson Whittemore, who got even sexier when he became a werewolf. We wouldn’t have minded more of those topless shots of him in the shower, either.

 Flame  Daniel Sharman

Daniel Sharman

There’s more to Isaac than meets the (black) eye. This evocative actor has expertly portrayed this multi-layered and rather macabre character on the show. Sadly, though, we won’t be seeing more of him…

 Flame Charlie Carver

Charlie Carver

Danny’s former better half Ethan was also half of the omega super-creature he created with his brother, but that is no more…

 Flame Max Carver

Max Carver

Another friend we had to say goodbye to in the stupefying final episode leading up to this season, Aiden died while trying to save Stiles (a worthy cause)…