That’s a wrap!: Malachi Barton and Phil Wright discuss the remake of Under Wraps

24 years separates the original Under Wraps movie from its remake, which premieres on Disney Channel on October 1st. YEM sat down with Under Wraps stars Malachi Barton who plays Marshall and Phil Wright who plays Harold the mummy to find out about their favorite scenes in the movie as well as the experience of watching the original.

“After being casted for the role, I had to go back and watch it and do my homework on what Bill Fagerbakke did with Harold. He did a fantastic job. That’s big shoes to fill because he’s become such a legend in the entertainment industry. I’m just hoping to follow in his footsteps,” Phil said.

When it came to filming, the scenes that stood out to Malachi and Phil were both very personal when it came to their characters.

“The scene that stood out to me was when Marshall named the mummy ‘Harold’ because it was really special. He named him after his grandfather,” Malachi said.

Malachi added that there’s a picture frame of Marshall and his grandfather next to Marshall’s bed.

“That picture is actually a picture of me and my real great grandfather who sadly passed away a few years back. It’s really something special that I’m able to share between me and my whole family,” Malachi said.

“My favorite scene is when Harold actually discovers himself. He’s walking in Marshall’s house, and then he’s just very startled by looking at himself. He discovers that he’s aged so much, and I think that’s one of the most developing parts of Harold’s character in the movie,” Phil said.

Harold the mummy does not have dialogue, but Phil said that this wasn’t challenging for him.

“As we know, Harold comes off very ferocious in the beginning, scaring the kids. Soon thereafter they start to figure out there’s a little bit more to Harold than what’s expected so it was difficult in some ways but not as much as you think it would be. We were very successful with expressing emotion through Harold to the kids,” Phil said. “I think as humans we communicate on many different levels. You don’t necessarily have to speak the language to understand or feel how someone is feeling in the moment. I think that was one of the most vital parts of what we wanted to bring out – that you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

Under Wraps is available to watch on October 1st on Disney Channel.