The 5th Wave’s Zackary Arthur

Young Entertainment had to chance to speak with Zackary Arthur on his role as Sammy Sullivan in The 5th Wave. Sammy or Sam is the reason for the movement of this film. Everything that Chloe Grace Moretz’s character Cassie does is to protect her younger brother Sam.


YE: Hi Zack, how are you doing today?

Zack Arthur: Thank you so much for interviewing me- I’m doing good, how are you doing?

YE: Thanks for taking the time to chat about your new film The 5th Wave. What is The 5th Wave about?

ZA: Rick Yancey wrote an amazing and brilliant story called The Fifth Wave and the sequels are called “The Infinite Sea” and “The Last Star” – They are about the world being taken over by aliens called “The Others” and the scary thing is that nobody can tell the humans from the others. For me in The Fifth Wave– it is about my sister working hard to save me and find me after we have been separated in the movie.

YE: Who is Sam Sullivan?

ZA: Sam Sullivan is Cassie (Cassie Grace Moritz) Little brother. My dad is played by Ron Livingston and Maggie Siff. They are all amazing! Sammy is a normal kid and when he is taken by “the others” they name him “Nugget” cuz he is so young and small. Nick Robinson tries to help him become a soldier but takes care of him like a little brother until Cassie finds him.

YE: Where do we see Sam when The 5th Wave takes place?

ZA: The Fifth Wave takes place during the present time in the state of Ohio… But I had to fly from LA to Atlanta to film. I met so many amazing people there that we are still friends with.

YE: What was the most exciting part about filming this feature? What was your favorite scene to act out?

ZA: The most exciting part about filming was meeting everyone and becoming friends with so many people including the Yancey family and the other actors and crew in the film. My favorite scenes to act out- Three scenes… The scene with Chloe when she sings to me… The obstacle course when I was in Squad 53 and when Zombie (Nick Robinson) and I sing together. The bus scene was really amazing too…
Ron Livingston, center left, and Chloë Grace Moretz, center right, and Zackary Arthur, below center, star in Columbia Pictures' "The 5th Wave."

YE: What are you hoping the audience takes away from your character and the film?

ZA: That is important to keep promises if there is any possible way to do that and that hope/family/love is very important. I like the way that Squad 53 becomes an unlikely family, too.

YE: What was down time like on set?

ZA: There was some down time but we were on a tight schedule. I did play soccer and basketball with Alex Roe and Jake Yancey and then had fun talking to Chloe and then playing games on Nick Robinson’s phone and the others in Squad 53… But it was really busy so we really had more time for just hugs and high fives- and fun handshakes!

YE: What are you most excited to see on the big screen?

ZA: Everyone in the film- it was great to see everyone and the special effects. It was fun to see what everyone worked so hard to put together.

YE: Have you read the book? What did you like most about it? And did you get to meet Rick Yancey? Did he give you any insight into Sam?

ZA: Yes! All- Yes! I loved all of the parts in the book and Rick Yancey is a genius. I have read the second book with my mom, too and we are so excited to see what happens in the third book! Rick Yancey and his family were wonderful – are wonderful…They answered every question if my mom had questions and when I did too. I feel so lucky that he was there because I wanted to make sure that he was happy with the way I brought Sammy/Sam/Sams/Nugget to life on the screen version.

Thank you so much for interviewing me. I love playing Sammy and this is a dream come true for me.

YE: It was a pleasure speaking with you, and we look forward to seeing more from you.


The 5th Wave is now in theaters.