The cast from Under Wraps test their Halloween film knowledge in a game of Guess the spooky movie

Everyone is so excited for the release of the new movie Under Wraps. Under Wraps is a Disney Channel original movie that will be released on October 1st. The film is a remake of the 1997 movie of the same name.

YEM sat down with some of the cast of Under Wraps to play a fun game. The game was centered around Halloween films. Under Wraps is a fun Halloween movie, so the cast was tested on if they could identify a few of the many classic spooky movies that are already out there. Malachi Barton, Phil Wright, Christian J. Simon and Sophia Hammons were the cast members that took part in the fun little game. The directions were as follows, they were given a description of a halloween film and from that they had to guess the title of the film correctly.

The movies that were described in the game were truly iconic ones such as The Haunted Mansion, Halloweentown, Twitches, MonstersInc, and Casper The Friendly Ghost. It was an extremely entertaining game to watch. It was also a reminder of how many truly great Halloween movies are out there to watch. After the game you want to watch all of the films mentioned in it right away. The descriptions of the movies were funny to listen to because of how out of this world some spooky movies can be, but that is what makes them so great to begin with. Watch the Youtube video below to check out how the cast members of Under Wraps did at guessing these classic halloween movies and also see who the winner is! 

With the release just around the corner, this movie can not come soon enough. This movie is sure to be a big hit. Make sure to watch it on October 1st on Disney Channel!