Hear how the cast of Amazon’s The Wilds learned survival skills on set!

The Wilds is the newest thriller coming this month to Amazon Prime Video. And if you’re looking for a show that will keep you at the edge of your seat, The Wilds is it. The stakes are high as a group of girls become stranded on a desert island. But little do they know, the plane crash that brought them there may be the least stressful thing that they experience together.

The girls are from all different states and from different walks of life. There’s Shelby, the southern pageant queen whose optimism clashes with Toni, who is not about to hide her anger from anyone. And there’s Toni’s best friend Martha. There’s sisters Rachel and Nora. Rachel is THE overachiever – intelligent, driven, and pushing herself every second. Nora is on the quieter side, but don’t think she doesn’t have anything to say. There’s popular girl Fatin and perky Jane, and Dot who doesn’t mince words. And there’s our narrator Leah who was barely holding it together before the plane crash – will this push her over the edge?
The Wilds takes advantage of every moment – from the occasional calms to the tense and turbulent moments. The girls must fight to survive, keep each other alive, and face their own personal demons along the way.
Before the premiere, YEM sat down with the stars of The Wilds. They shared who their characters are and how they react to this life-changing ordeal. Plus they gave us some fun facts about filming – for some of the girls, this was their first television role! One thing all the girls agreed on was how the show is not only an emotional rollercoaster, but is also a physical feat.

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The Wilds premieres on Amazon Prime Video on December 11.