The End Of The Kissing Booth Franchise

The Kissing Booth franchise’s Instagram account ( it’s called thekissingboothnetflix, you can check out the account here) recently released a poster teaser, which you can check out here  for the final installment for the The Kissing Booth franchise appropriately named “The Kissing Booth 3”. The film is set to release on August 11th. 

The Kissing Booth franchise is one of Netflix biggest originals franchises. It has been loved by many since the first installment of the series. It will be great and sad at the same time to see how Netflix wraps up the story. 

So, the franchise for those who don’t know is centered around three main characters, Elle Evans (played by Joey King), Lee Flynn (played by Joel Courtney who plays the best friend in the franchise), and Lee’s older Brother Noah (played by Jacob Eldori). Noah and Elle hook up secretly so that Lee doesnt find out. Eventually, Lee finds out and he and Elle struggle with trust. The trio goes through the typical teenage relationships whether platonic or non-platonic and trying to figure out who they are. 

The headline of the poster is: “The end of an era. The beginning of everything else.” The fans probably will agree that  sums up where the second movie left them hanging. In the end of the second movie, Elle was accepted to both Berkely (where her best friend Lee is going) and Harvad (where Noah goes). So, she is stuck in the middle between her lifelong best friend and her boyfriend, which isn’t a serious relationship, yet. 

So, the main plot will probably revolve around that ultimatum. Will Elle choose Harvard and see where her relationship with Noah will take her? Or, will she play it safe and choose Berkeley so she can stay close to her best friend? Guess, the fans will have to wait until August 11 on Netflix to find out.