The Importance of the College Acceptance Letter

College acceptance plays a big role in the lives of students. Today, we take a look at the portrayals of this time, in books and film, which show first hand the hardships that can come.

To All The Boys: Always and Forever follows Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) as she enters her senior year of high school. Lara has a plan of attending Stanford University with her boyfriend, Peter (Noah Centineo). Unfortunately, the plan goes south quick, when she learns she was denied admission to the school, and her favorite next choice is across the country. This presents her with new challenges in her relationship, and own future. 

Lara’s character must figure out a way to make her dreams and relationship work together. Both are very important to her, but the decision is not easy. Staying with Peter, would force Lara to sacrifice New York City, and moving across country could endanger their relationship. A problem many high school couples may also face, when deciding on college together. It can be very confusing, trying to make two dreams work together. However, Lara and Peter can give struggling couples a little hope, as they made it work. 

Riverdale has shown the gang’s senior year at Riverdale High, with a darker fate for their relationships. With an acceptance into Yale, Betty leaves for college a bit early, ending her and Jughead’s relationship. Of course, there was a bit more drama from other areas, leading up to their break up, but Betty leaving for New Heaven really solidifies matters. Cheryl also made a change of plans, and chose not to attend college, and continue at her family business, jeopardizing her relationship with Toni. And Archie, determined not to repeat senior year as it has been too much on him, enlists in the army. 

Fans hurt watching their friends split up, but it seems many of the characters are exhausted from the craziness from hometown, and need a fresh start. High school can be draining on any student, leaving many earning for that fresh start as well. Riverdale isn’t over yet, so it’s unknown who will find their way back to each other. It’s sad to see an ending, but sometimes a new beginning is for the best.

In Gossip Girl, college is all about the best. At Constance Saint Jude, senior year is no joke. The elite Upper East Side Manhattan students are under severe pressure from family and peers to attend the most promising and prestige Ivy League universities. After acceptance into Brown, Serena makes a last minute decision to drop out. She needed to find herself, and felt moving to another city wouldn’t allow her to achieve that. 

The pressure from the people she cared about and everyone around her, influenced Serena’s thinking, into believing she must go a certain way. It can be extremely difficult to go on a different path, especially when everyone’s going in the same direction. But Serena knew what was right for her, and even though it took some time, she stood up for herself. A season later, and Serena attends Colombia with her best friends, feeling much better about her decision.

Seth and Summer from The OC, faced some bumps in their relationship during college acceptance season. When only Summer gained admission to Brown, Seth began to lie, saying that he had been admitted. He then told Summer, that he did  not want to go to Brown. And Summer, not knowing the real reason, was hurt and the couple broke up.

Turns out Seth was only lying, because he knew Summer would not attend Brown if he did not get in. He didn’t want for her to pass, on this amazing opportunity  just for him. Feeling like he would be holding her back, he chose to lie. Although Seth’s intentions were pure, it was not right for him to try and make this decision for Summer. It’s her future, and she deserved to know the truth and make her own choice based on what she felt was right for her. Luckily, Seth came around and ended up coming clean to Summer. The two get back together again, with Summer heading to Brown.

The season of college acceptance can be a stressful time anyone, adding a lot of pressure to senior year. Luckily, our favorite series are there, to guide its fans through this time, with each show presenting some valuable lessons. They give viewers a friendly reminder, that everyone has gone through this, and that even the toughest of situations, seem to have a way of always working out.