The Ultimate Vacation Planner: Tips and Tools for a Perfect Getaway

Now is the time to have some fun and let loose, we all need this time of the year to relax a bit. A lot of corporate higher-ups want us to believe that vacations are counterproductive. We are led to believe that time off is a luxury that we must earn through our blood, sweat, and tears.

However, it is something that we all deserve as a basic human right, we are not robots. We can’t work all day every day and expect to be happy. To make this vacation time worth it and truly enjoy it, here is the ultimate vacation planner.

Preparing to return

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but you need to think about your trip back before you leave. To truly prepare for vacation, you need to prepare for what you are coming back to. For example, imagine coming back from your beautiful vacation into your messy apartment. You want to leave the place clean and tidy to feel welcome. If you come back to your home looking like Oppenheimer stayed there, you will just feel down again.


Another thing you do not want to ruin your mood during your perfect getaway are the documents. Make sure you have all of your documents checked before you go, and make it double. Check when your passport expires and what kind of visa you need for your trip. Make sure you check in before your flight and have all tickets in both digital and paper versions. You do not want to check for these things frantically once you arrive at the spot.

Commute plan

When planning your daily activities, it is very important to take a look at commute times and do not be optimistic. Always take into account that possible setbacks are possible and that traffic is real even in your place of dreams.

Google Maps are great for predicting commuting and they are great for showing you different routes. Take a look at these routes and save them before you arrive so you can venture forth with no worries.


Exploring Google Maps before you go is also a great way to find a lot of hidden spots before you go. You can mark down interesting spots and see where to eat before you go. It is much better to plan your meals before you go so you do not make decisions on an empty stomach. Such decisions can lead you to eat far too expensive food which is an obvious tourist trap. With Google Maps, you can find a lot of options and not have to worry about bad food.

These tips serve to make sure you do not end up in unnecessary hassle and to avoid the mistakes of others. A lot of people think they are smarter than everyone else, so why should they not listen to voices in their heads? It’s important to read the experiences of other people around you and learn from their mistakes. By learning from other people’s mistakes, you are making sure that you can enjoy your perfect getaway the way you deserve to.