The White Glove War (Magnolia League #2)

About the Book:

By Poppy

Every society has its secrets.

The members of Savannah’s Magnolia League have it all: money, beauty, power, and love. Some may call them lucky, but we know better. Spells, potions, and conjures are a girl’s best friends, and thanks to the Buzzards — a legendary hoodoo family — the Magnolias never run out of friends.

Golden girl Hayes Anderson would never dream of leaving the League or Savannah, where there’s no problem that can’t be fixed with a cup of Swamp Brew tea — served in a bone china cup, of course — and no boy who can’t be won over with a Conjure Up a New Love spell.

But when danger lurks and family secrets are unearthed, Hayes discovers that her life may not be charmed after all.

Don’t miss the second novel in Katie Crouch’s enchanting and mysterious Magnolia League series.

About the Author:

I’m a 37-year old mom who writes about the South, ghosts, dogs, love, Hoodoo, and family…etc. I grew up in Charleston, SC, and all of my books are set in the South. I used to write about my hometown, but I stopped because my mother kept getting upset. For more about me, check out You can also find out about great giveaways at the Magnolia League Facebook page.


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