The Ya Trailer Watch

The YA Trailer Watch

Catch it here first! We are on the lookout for the freshest, hottest and coolest YA trailers as they come out, with the bare basics laid out for your enjoyment. Watch this space and enjoy, coming soon to a theater near you!


Summed up as:
We’ve been talking about it for aaages, but it’s finally here: the first look at CW’s new Arrow spinoff series The Flash!

Coolest thing in the trailer: The effects, of course!

Weirdest thing about the trailer: We just hope that very retro-looking costume doesn’t get too old too quick.

Watch or DVR? Since everyone else will be watching, we won’t miss it.


Summed up as:
An awkward young math prodigy travels to Thailand for a prestigious tournament, guided by his mother and a committed teacher. Good Will Hunting goes to Asia?

Weirdest thing about the trailer: How difficult it is to understand everyone.

Coolest thing in the trailer: The budding and very young romance between Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game) and Jo Yang.

Worth seeing opening weekend? VOD-able.


Summed up as:
The latest teaser for this comic-tinged procedural teases just a bit more…this time of the joker.

Weirdest thing about the trailer: How strange young Selena Kyle (aka Catwoman) looks.

Did they show too much? Not even close. Our only concern is—with the villains being so cool, referencing their grand futures as the foes of Batman, will Commissioner Gordon (ie the star of the show) get lost in the shuffle?

Watch or DVR? This looks very close to Agents of SHIELD, but we’ll give the pilot a shot.


Summed up as:
Highschool lovers reunited, Nicholas Sparks style. It’s amazing how much they’re willing to do to reclaim that Notebook magic.

Coolest thing about the trailer: That the main character’s name is Dawson.

Did they show too much? Absolutely. The whole film is essentially summarized in this trailer. It’s like a video Cliff’s Notes for the book!

Worth seeing opening weekend? Depends who you’re asking.


Summed up as:
A grief-stricken father forms a band based on his late son’s demo tapes as a way to cope.

Coolest thing about the trailer: Selena Gomez’s teary moment.

Weirdest thing in the trailer: Anton Yelchin’s hair!

Worth seeing opening weekend? This one did well on the festival circuit, so we’ll give it a go.

Kelly & Cal

Summed up as:
Juliette Lewis playing a cooped up housewife who just wants to rock out, and newcomer cutie Jonny Weston as the wheelchair-bound younger guy who helps her do it!

Coolest thing about the trailer: We are SO HAPPY Juliette Lewis is working a lot again. She was amazing earlier this year in Hellion and this looks just as good.

Smartest thing in the trailer: The line, “You can’t define yourself by the things you lost.”

Worth seeing opening weekend? We’ll check it out!