Thursday Twitter Takeover: Carolyn Cohagan

Each week, an accomplished published author takes over the YEM Twitter account for Thursday’s Twitter Takeover. Each week, the YA author will answer questions, tell stories, and give advice on our social media. This week YA author Carolyn Cohagan will be taking over our Twitter account.

Carolyn Cohagan is the author of the acclaimed Time Zero Trilogy. The Time Zero Trilogy fulfills the current demand for escapist reading, featuring dystopian, romance, and coming of age themes. In Time Zero, the first book in the series, 15-year-old Mina and a small band of rebels, including Juda, the love of her life, escape a future fundamentalist-ruled Manhattan. In this future fundamentalist-ruled Manhattan, girls can’t get an education or show their faces, need permission to speak, and are married off to the highest bidder. The oppressive ideologies Mina and her friends are forced to follow are based on current cultural, social and religious rules around the world, and take on timely topics such as Me Too, gun control, and authoritarianism. Carolyn Cohagan’s Time Next continues Mina’s journey which culminates in a heart-stopping finish in Time’s Upthe final book in the trilogy.

Time Zero won First Place in the International Book Award, along with being a Foreword Indie Winner and a finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Award. Seventeen Magazine listed the book as one of the Best YA Summer Books. Rave endorsements have come from Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games), who proclaimed Time Zero “A compelling, unexpected, thrilling read that elevates the young adult genre with smart and ground-breaking social commentary,” and National Book Award-winner Tim O’Brien, who praised Time Zero as “a compelling, inventive, and richly layered book―one that will appeal to both adult and young adults.”

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