Thursday Twitter Takeover: Fredric Shernoff

Each week, an accomplished published author takes over the YEM Twitter account. Each week, the YA author will answer questions, tell stories, and give advice on our social media. This week young adult author Fredric Shernoff will be taking over our Twitter account.

Fredric Shernoff is the author of the Amazon Top 100 “Atlantic Island” series (#1 Best-selling Teen/YA Romance Sci-Fi), and the Nook store #1 best-seller “The Traveler.” “Omega Protocol” (Atlantic Island III) was released in January, and outsold “Ready Player One” as the top best-selling book in Canada!

The shocking events that ended Rising Tide continue into the final book of the Atlantic Island Trilogy! Daniel and Thomas of “The Traveler” have arrived on the island with dire news: the multiversal policing agency has enacted the Omega Protocol- a plan to annihilate the island and all its inhabitants! Theo, Kylee and the other survivors will set out on a journey through time and the multiverse to find the key to stopping the MMEA and saving the people of Atlantic Island for good.

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