Thursday Twitter Takeover: Nathan Morgan

Each week, an accomplished published author takes over the YEM Twitter account. Each week, the YA author will answer questions, tell stories, and give advice on our social media. This week young adult author Nathan Morgan will be taking over our Twitter account.

Author Nathan Morgan has had the talent to write ever since he was a young child. His parents were very supportive and recognized this in him, so they signed him up for things such as writing camps. Nathan’s interest in writing since such a young age has led him to have a dream of becoming an author. He decided to take it upon himself and do what he loves, and he wrote his first novel over a summer break and through that same fall. Nathan excels in his academic studies, absolutely loves to go fishing, loves his family and friends dearly, loves to travel, likes to go camping, and has a very strong work ethic that was apparent throughout his entire life. He also knows that God had blessed him very much, and he’s made it his mission to share God’s love with others.

Nathan is the author of “Nothing is As it Seems.” No government, no rules, no order. Chaos. That’s the exact predicament a young man finds himself in when awakes in a strange, foreign place, with his memory completely stripped away. In his new situation, dangerous creatures roam, there is no sense of trust, and no direction. That is, until he runs into an advanced society amongst the chaos, quite by accident. Everything seems to be going perfectly under the boy’s newfound society. He receives a name, a place to stay, a job, everything. His new companions make it very clear that they have one goal, to escape this lawless country. Many have tried, and failed, for “they” obliterate anybody who steps foot in the Outskirts. But, it almost seems… unreal, like something isn’t quite right. He just can’t seem to put a finger on what exactly that thing is. Is everything that the boy experiences actually the way he perceives it? Take yourself on an adventure through a wild, action-packed thriller in a world where nothing may be as it seems.

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