Thursday Twitter Takeover: Tony Penn

Each week, an accomplished published author takes over the YEM Twitter account. Each week, the YA author will answer questions, tell stories, and give advice on our social media. This week young adult author Tony Penn will be taking over our Twitter account.

A native New Yorker, Tony Penn teaches French at a New York City arts high school. He holds an MA in Education and an MFA in Creative Writing. He has also taught reading and English at the elementary and middle school levels.

Tony is the author of the popular children’s book series, The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels. The series currently has four books. The latest book in the series is called The Misadventures of Michael McMichaels Vol 4: The Double-Dog Dare. When wealthy new student Zeke moves into the neighborhood, he threatens to steal away Michael’s best friend, Kenny. Green with envy, Michael challenges Zeke to crazy double-dog dares just to prove he’s still top dog and Kenny’s best bro. But when harmless dares escalate into bad jokes that hurt others, Michael has to figure out how to make things right again… or if he even can.

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