Riverdale Wednesdays: Top 10 Cheryl Blossom Outfits from Riverdale

Let’s be honest, live-action Cheryl Blossom is…complicated, to say the least. Played by actress Madelaine Petsch, Cheryl not only kept the dead body of her twin brother around, she also joined a gang and burned her house to the ground, among other things. Really, she could have given Regina George of Mean Girls fame a run for her money. Despite this, she has never not dressed to impress. Let’s look at some of her best outfits on the hit show Riverdale.

1. Season 5, Ep. 17, “Dance of Death” – Fond of red, Cheryl wore this lovely Point D’Esprit Paneled Lace Gown by Perseverance while kneeling in the woods, looking both fancy and out of place. This essentially proves she’s not much of an outdoorsy girl.

2. Season 5, Ep. 16, “Band of Brothers” – This might be a generalization, but don’t all redheads look good in green? Paired with black just adds to the well put together look. Her shirt is a Julious Blouse by Babaton and her skirt is a Crystal Trimmed Pleated Miniskirt by Area. Cheryl really looks like she’d fit right in at an office.

3. Season 5, Ep. 8, “Lock & Key” – Shiny dresses will never go out of style, and Cheryl more than proves it. Though admittedly the first thought upon seeing it was that she looked like she was wearing a bucket of popcorn. Her dress is a Strapless Mini Dress by the Attico.

4. Season 3, Ep. 11, “The Red Dahlia” – It’s hard for anyone to look bad in black, Cheryl included. The see-through lace and spider broach of her Coeur Lace Dress by Sandro gives her a look of dangerous elegance, something she carries throughout the show.

5. Season 2, Ep. 3, “The Watcher in the Woods” – Looking as though she stepped out of the 1950’s, all she’s missing is a poodle skirt. Honestly, she would fit right in any retro ad with this outfit. The milkshake only adds to the look, of course. Her top is an Amara Choker Top by Cinq a Sept and she’s wearing a Cherry Cardigan by Alice + Olivia over it.

6. Season 6, Ep. 2, “Ghost Stories” – If she’s not in red or black, then she’s most likely in pink. To be honest, she looks like a racier Barbie in a Floral Top by NA-KD and Satin Finish Mini Skirt by Zara. Granted, the pink belt really ties the look together, literally and figuratively. In fact, it’s almost like she looks younger than she is in this particular outfit.

7. Season 5, Ep. 13, “Reservoir Dogs” – If the MCU ever decides to give Scarlet Witch a daughter, this is how she’d look. The black low-cut shirt, the necklace, the hair, the red Single Heart-Shaped Button Crepe Blazer by The Kooples. It all just screams Wanda Maximoff.

8. Season 5, Ep. 6, “Back to School” – A common theme with Cheryl is florals, and this outfit is no different. Though a bit on the mourning side, she still looks elegant and beautiful as always. The Thallia Back Neck Bow Lace Top and Zinniaa Pencil Lace Midi Skirt by Ted Baker match so well you almost can’t tell they’re two pieces of clothing.

9. Season 4, Ep. 11, “Quiz Show” – Who says plaid can’t be fashionable? Clearly not Cheryl. The Vivert Plaid Jacket and Iverts Plaid Skirt by Maje makes her look like she could join the cast of Clueless or even Legally Blonde. All she’s missing is a little dog in a purse.

10. Season 2, Ep. 2, “Nighthawks” – Sporting another retro-esque look, this is one of her more modest outfits. Her shoulders aren’t even exposed! The Bow Detail Mini Dress by Self Portrait is a cute little ensemble that actually makes Cheryl look innocent. You don’t really see her in non-colorful clothes, but she manages to make simple black and white look good.