Top 10 Guest Stars We Want To See On The New Degrassi!

Degrassi is making a comeback once again, and fans are excited to meet the new high school squad! With each new remaking of the show, viewers get new characters they love and look forward to seeing each week! We’re sure that will be the case with the new series as well. So, let’s look back on 10 characters fans have fallen for and hope to see on the new series!

Marco Del Rossi


Marco easily became one of the best characters when he first debuted in season 2 of “Next Generation.” He was best friends with Paige and Ellie and his on-again off-again romance with Paige’s brother Dylan was absolutely adorable. He has an incredible coming out storyline that was ground-breaking for the show and time era.

Ellie Nash

Ellie had another amazing storyline with both heartbreaking parts and an epic love story. She always seemed to get short-handed, not ending up with Craig and never really getting what she wanted. She had a problem with self-harm which was a very important topic covered in the show by her character. She didn’t get the endgame she deserved with Craig, so it’d be pretty cool if she’d make an appearance and show everyone she got some happy ending wouldn’t it?

Paige Michalchuk 

Paige was the queen bee of Degrassi High. She was beautiful, manipulative, arrogant, and her character development was one of the best throughout. Fans loved to hate her most of the time, but as the seasons progressed, she revealed a good-hearted side that fans just couldn’t resist. Her friendship with Ellie and Marco was one of the best in the whole show. We just wish the three besties would reunite on the new Degrassi, ya know?

Holly J Sinclair

Holly J was one of the most iconic characters of the show. She was the student council president and she was an overachiever constantly overworking herself and unhappy when things didn’t go her way. She was sassy and fun, and had some of the best lines. Eventually, she turned from the mean girl to a big-hearted girl who knew exactly what she wanted and got it. She had an iconic relationship with Declan, but in the end she was on her own as she should be. She’s Holly J Sinclair, she doesn’t need anyone. 

Alex Nuñez 

Alex was originally seen as the bad girl at Degrassi, making bad decisions and being an outcast. She gained more depth as the series progressed and in season five was revealed as a lesbian. Her relationship, though too short, with Paige was one of the best on the show. Unfortunately, with a bad mom and troubling home life, she became a stripper and things quickly ended with her and Paige. But nonetheless, she was an epic LGBTQ+ character. 

Jimmy Brooks

Jimmy was originally a great friend and sidekick, playing basketball and being the cool guy. However, everyone knows him as “wheelchair Jimmy” because that’s when his storyline really took off. Of course, he was shot at the school shooting and since then his character became a dynamic role. He had to accept his new terms and come to terms with his new life. He is one of the most consistent characters both with girlfriends and friends in general. You could always rely on him to come through. And besides, who wouldn’t want Drake to show back up as his famous Degrassi character?

Manny Santos

Manny was one of the best character arcs on the entire show. She had iconic moments like “cuckoo bananas” and the waist-high blue thong. She was the innocent best friend of Emma that turned promiscuous, stealing the scenes every time. And it was great. She also had a relationship with Jay that actually worked out and was endgame from day one. Who wouldn’t want to see how they’re doing now?

Clare Edwards

Clare was a fan favorite, especially once she got with her lover Eli. They quickly became one of the most iconic Degrassi couples of all time. She was in the shadows of her older sister, Darcy in the beginning and also got sucked into the Emma Nelson know-it-all trap. She can be stuck-up and she’s supposedly innocent, but she can be sneaky and fun when she wants. But honestly, she was with Eli so what else matters? Bring them back to our screen, please!

Gavin “Spinner” Mason 

Spinner is complicated in many ways, from getting J.T. killed (let’s be honest, he’d be on this list if he was still alive) to having horrible relationships with girls, he was definitely the bad boy at Degrassi. However, he cared for his friends and he had some amazing storylines and character arcs. He was charming and became an overall good guy in the end. You either love him or hate him, but he is iconic and was on the show for so long! 

Mia Jones

Mia was a mess most of the time. She made J.T’s death all about her and had a daughter she basically forgot about in order to pursue her modeling career. She came to mess things up essentially, but come on, it’s Nina Dobrev. Everyone wants to see her again. 

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